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Parallel Love

Parallel Love

Label: Green Martian

Release date: 2018-01-08

Catalog number: GM2018315

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Parallel Love (Original Mix)
One Man Groove
Deep Space (Original Mix)
One Man Groove
In State Of Mind (Original Mix)
One Man Groove

One Man Groove aka Ezra De Reus returns to Green Martian with Parallel Love. Ezra began DJing around 1989-90 and was mainly playing Hardcore, this soon led to Techno and Trance and ultimately to Progressive vibes. In 2001 he temporarily stopped DJing and started producing with his first releases coming out on No Bounds Records. A great music lover, we are delighted to see him back for more.

Parallel Love delivers a solid, driving slice of progressive house thanks to a deep rumbling bassline and rhythmic percussions. The bassline carries an aggressive streak that works very well against the scathing synths. The break is an epic affair which adds in some melodic elements, intense risers and subtle breaks before we head to climax and back to full on mode. Top notch stuff indeed.

Deep Space intros with a classic styled punchy kick drum and offset bass that instantly catches your attention. Fleeting melodic phrases litter the sound while a rhythmic percussion section keep the feet shuffling. The bass is strong and provides a solid platform for the groove to form as well as shoring up the layered synths. On the break we find brighter melodies that cut through the deeper elements nicely as we head back into the main track for the duration. Excellent stuff that is not to be missed.

In State Of Mind takes us on a trek deep into progressive house with a raw, dark sound. Tight beats lead the way against a powerful, rumbling bassline that dominates the low end while synth pads fade in and out of the sound. The main lead fades in adding a musical element to the dark vibe and becomes the main focus on the break before those pumping beats return us to the darker side. A solid slice that will not disappoint.




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