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    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2020-08-03

    Catalog number: BP9592020

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    Silence (Original Mix)
    Almi, Theus (BR)
    Silence (Choopie & Sharkieboy Remix)
    Almi, Theus (BR), Choopie, Sharkieboy
    Silence (Seth Vogt Remix)
    Almi, Theus (BR), Seth Vogt

    Almi & Theus (BR) are back at Bonzai Progressive with another outstanding progressive monster titled Silence, which follows hot on the heels of their last outing, Wishes. Almi continues to impress, with productions and remixes, adding creative elements to his sound. His tracks have been released on several labels both as a solo artist and in groups. In 2020 he is reaching for higher ground by venturing into the darker sounds of melodic techno and house, we certainly look forward to that. Theus has been producing music since 2017 and is an artist with focus, he’s attended many clubs and festivals, getting a feel for the sound so he can find his own way and uniqueness. He is inspired by melodic and progressive nuances of House and Techno. He is always ready for a great performance, knowing how to read the dance floor and getting the audience to immerse in his musical experience. Great to have both these talented artists back once, much more to come in the future.

    The Original Mix offers up a slice of peak time prog made up of a solid, driving bassline, dreamy melodics and a captivating vocal. The track creates a wonderfully deep vibe with the vocal adding character and hair-raising moments. A combination of delicate arpeggios deliver an ethereal vibe, contrasting beautifully with the deeper elements. A top-notch cut that is not to be missed.

    Choopie & Sharkieboy also return to BP, this time on remix duties which follows their debut, Synthetic EP. Choopie has created his own unique musical identity and grown his name as a top artist worldwide. A self-confessed perfectionist, his work is his obsession. Sharkieboy was involved in famous rock bands in the 90’s called Poplex and Animal Garden, which both released albums under major labels in Israel. In the last few years, the two friends are teaming up on a new progressive house platform in their recording studio, creating a fusion of sound with a unique twist. On the remix here, the guys utilise the original elements, transforming the groove into an even more powerful peak time monster. That bewitching vocal runs through your soul as a driving bass, tight beats and a rising tension lock us on for the duration. An absolute stomper of a track that will not disappoint.

    We welcome Seth Vogt back to BP with another superb remix. His last outing was on the remix for Koschk’s Speak My Mind. Seth has been producing dance music professionally since 1996 and has done remixes for many underground acts as well as being commissioned for remixes by household names such as The Script, Korn, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Trina and more. So much talent from this guy, it’s always a pleasure having him on board. Here. Seth opts for a more delicate vibe, with a more euphoric vibe than the original. He utilises the parts to perfection, with emotive chord changes, that haunting vocal and a swirling, dreamy atmosphere. A wonderfully rich and endearing slice and a definite must have.




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