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Sitheru’s Chant

Bonzai Progressive BP9522020 6 July, 2020

Tali Freaks returns to Bonzai Progressive alongside Al Martino with Sitheru’s Chant. Tali Freaks grew up influenced by his father’s music knowledge and from the age of nine, studied the piano for 4 years. At 16, he started DJ’ing in a small club in Capri, the start of his DJ career. He started producing music with his own equipment in 1994 and then after a few years he was offered to go to work for a record company in Naples, Bustin Loose Records, run and owned by the actual Planet Funk. He has seen releases on a plethora of labels including Piston Recordings, She’s Super Records and many more. He enjoys collaborating and has worked with a host of top artists. Al Martino debuts here at BP and he has worked with Gerardo on several occasions in the past. The two seem to have an electric chemistry and they always churn out the goods, great to have him on board.

The Original Mix intros with a distinct tribal influence thanks to hypnotic drums and subdued electric guitars. Chunky beats are joined by warm notes while the electric guitar dishes out mesmerizing licks complete with elongated slides which give off a classic movie vibe. In the background and gaining ground in a stealthy way, we find an infectious, bubbling 303 style pattern which dissipates on the break only to return in full on mode when the main groove kicks back in. A superb slice that will not disappoint.

Heyspace returns to BP after a bit of a hiatus on remix duties. This young and ambitious electronic musician grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia. Spending his formative years in a cultural centre of such calibre helped him form his own style of music. Combining new electronic technologies with classical methods of musical energy, Heyspace gives the audience particles of joy and happiness in every song. On the remix here, we’re lulled into a deep and grooving progressive cut. Quite laidback on the beats, the track runs super smooth with a deep hypnotic bassline. Big emphasis is given to the striking sliding electric guitar which is accompanied by soft pianos. A lush groover that is a must have, no doubt.

JoC H is back on the remix, fresh off the back of his remix for Inessa’s Iguana Love. JoC H aka Bolivian DJ, producer Jose Henry boasts a hugely impressive back catalogue on top labels this guy has one thing on his mind, to transmit his energy into everything he does creating an exciting and amazing experience to his listeners. The heat and energy levels rise on the remix here. Tight beats, made up of punchy kick drums and shuffling hats, weave rhythmic patterns as plucky basses form up alongside an infectious 303 line with a retro twist. Solid, driving, straight up progressive house move that is not to be missed.

On the No Sitheru’s Mix the sliding electric guitar is removed, leaving behind a solid 303 led groove with warm piano chords taking centre stage. Dark, driving and tribal, perfect for the late-night sets.