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Thoth’s Spell

Bonzai Progressive BP9552020 20 July, 2020

The Sirius aka DJ and producer Sergio Albornoz returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Thoth’s Spell and this one follows his debut. Nautilus Stalking. Having discovered electronic music, Sergio started spinning at clubs and local radio stations. This led him to play at big events alongside some top names in the industry. His enthusiasm for technology drew him to music production and he was soon churning out his own tracks. In 2003 he was introduced to trance music and successfully held residencies in his hometown. Over the last few years, he’s been injecting a progressive element into his sound with superb results. Sergio owns his own label, Orbital Records and he is a Director of the Academy of DJ’s and producers called Orbital, in the city of Cordoba, which has nourished a high level of artists who went on to perform all over the world.

The Original Mix is a vibrant progressive display. Chunky beats and bright percussions lead the way before a melancholic riff casts a spell on the groove. A deep rolling bassline hypnotizes as swirling pads sweep overhead. On the break, an almost dystopian scene unfolds as murky atmospheres are processed before the beats and that dominant bass return for the duration.

The formidable musical maestro Manu Riga is first up on remix duties, following his last remix on Rick Pier O’Neil’s Itzamna (alongside Phi Phi). A stalwart over the years, his talent continues to shine, providing his massive fanbase with simply good music. In recent times, he has been more focussed on the remixing side of things. He has also struck up a captivating partnership with Phi Phi, and together they are transforming many tracks with their wonderfully unique twists on the sound. On the remix here, Manu Riga offers up an equally vibrant approach with punchy kicks and bright crispy hats leading a powerful bass and daunting pads. Delicate melodies grace the background as the main groove gathers pace. Captivating arps lead us to the break where melancholy is met with an infectious siren before the break climaxes to reveal an even stronger, progressive groove.

Rawnn is up next with his Lockdown Remix which comes after his debut titled Blast Off from just a few months ago. Goa, India based DJ, producer Rohan Artani says electronic music is not his only passion, he is also into movie scoring which is a whole other ball game. His sounds lean on the heavy, melodic side, giving that edgy cut, which falls beautifully into the way he constructs deep progressive and tech grooves. A relatively new face in progressive, he has already seen releases on Mystique Music and Deeper Love. Nice to have him back at BP and we hope to hear more soon. Here, Rawnn delivers a stunningly deep prog mover. Deep, dark basses add weight to the groove as a flurry of rhythmic percussions take hold. Emotive note changes lift the soul while infectious basses and sweet melodies play out. A top-notch effort that will not disappoint.