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Universo EP

Bonzai Progressive BP9642020 24 August, 2020

John Dare aka Ricard Pastor debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the intergalactic Universo EP. Based out of Barcelona, Spain and with numerous releases on other labels such as Minisketch, Beatwork, Wake Up, Suruba and many more, Ricard started out his electronic music career in 1995. Throughout the years he has nurtured his own style, sometimes merging genres and always delivering solid results. His back catalogue is hugely impressive and is ever-growing which is a testament to the talent this guy has. Great to have him on board with us at BP.

Estelar is a wonderfully crafted and sublime slice of progressive house. Drawing in several distinct flavours, the sound is captivating. The track lays on a solid underbelly of psy-laced basses and a tight drum section. Ethnically charged musical elements provide contrasting moments, from plucked strings to hair-raising vocals that collide in harmony with the deeper sections. Top-notch stuff, not to be missed.

Cosmico intros with plush progressive vibes, wrapped in a tight construction. The title of the track is perfect, as we’re lifted into the cosmos thanks to an array of cosmic sounds. The foundation of the track features warm basses and a rhythmic drum arrangement, driving the groove beautifully. A series of synth patterns take us to that spacey arena, mesmerizing and intriguing, creating elegant atmospheres. A strong groove that will not disappoint.

Galactico rounds up this wonderful EP with a deep, chugging groove. A rumbling psy inspired bassline rolls through on a bed of chunky beats and exotic percussions. The attention to the detail in the synths is outstanding, intricate patterns combine, taking us on an intergalactic journey. Subtle melodies appear out of the scathing, gritty tones, enriching the sound. Another superb effort from John Dare and a definite must have,