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Afterhour Trax 25

Bonzai Progressive BP9582020 20 July, 2020

Take a trip with Afterhour Trax 25. Guiding you deep into the progressive world once again, we present 20 of the finest cuts from our extensive catalogue, expertly curated to make filling your crate an easier and more relaxing task. This compilation boasts superb tracks and remixes from the likes of Ewan Rill, Ivan Lu, K Loveski, Following Light, K.Oshkin, Hisham Sabbah, R2cycle & Roy Lebens, Russlan Jaafreh, Manu Riga, Alex Vidal, Pavlin Petrov, Graham Lloris, MacroVision, Gai Barone, Airwave, Thorin, Enertia-Sound, Ricardo Piedra, Cherry (UA) and many more. The perfect fodder to keep the floors rocking.