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Jupiter Ascending

Bonzai Progressive BP9632020 17 August, 2020

Spanish DJ, producer Alberto Santana debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Jupiter Ascending. Alberto manages the Spanish label Spazio Sonoro which specializes in Techno. With a host of quality artists on the books. He is also hailed as one of the new leaders of a generation of Spanish producers. He has always been influenced by electronic music, when he took to DJing he realised this was not enough and started to produce, which led to several releases on quality labels. His career is still fledgling and, thanks to his ever-increasing ambitions, his style is always evolving. Great to have him on board.

The opening kick and bass combo on Jupiter Ascending will evoke a nostalgic response, thanks to its retro theme, but the groove lays firmly in the contemporary period, creating a cosmic array of sounds. The lower frequency sounds are wholly infectious, locking us in for the duration. But the magic in this track is manifested in those wondrous space-age synths, comprising strikingly clear notes and gritty drones. Melodic arps cascade alongside, enhancing the dynamic, while familiar note changes keep things interesting. A solid cut that will not disappoint.

The Escape offers up a much darker tone, with deep, gritty basses at its core. A tight drum section leads the way, delivering charged rhythms that settle us into the groove. The track oozes cosmic vibes once again, delivered in a sonic package made up of melodic synth patterns which carry that distinct retro flavour. A monster of a track with a peak time appeal and one that is a must have, no doubt.

We Were Young continues the cosmic theme which drives this EP. A tougher, edgier track, punchy kick drums and shuffling percussions drive the rhythms as dark, twisted, gnarly basses dominate the groove. High-pitched trancey synths ebb and flow throughout as the filters are opened and closed, generating a fluid, moving groove. A simplistic approach with a mind-bending, exhilarating trait, this one is not to be missed.

Berlin Flying explores a much wider, dynamic architecture, honing in on spacious pads that play out infectious melodies alongside a deep, chugging bassline and rhythmic drum arrangement. A solid, contrasting construction, the darker elements bounce off the brighter synths in perfect harmony. The retro theme is evident once again, this draws you deeper into the groove, that beautiful mix of eras, combining effortlessly. An absolute must have for the late-night session.