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Bonzai Progressive BP9652020 24 August, 2020

India based DJ, producer Kay Mallani debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Mehesha, which is backed up with solid remix from John May. A rising talent in India, Kay loves to play out in clubs and produce his own music. He is well-known for his progressive house exploits and finds inspiration from a host of artists from around the world including Kash Trivedi, Paul Thomas, Nathan C and Max Freegrant among others. His first releases saw great support from all over, heralding his sound as club banging style. We’re delighted to have him on board at BP.

The Original Mix offers up a robust progressive groove which dances on a fine line between genres. Right from the off we’re locked in, thanks to a thumping kick drum and intriguing percussion. A buzzing synth teases as swirling pads rise up. A deep, rumbling bassline takes control, accompanied by trippy vocals, revealing a dark narrative. The break is a dramatic affair, filled with chilling pads, that deep bass rumble and haunting vocals. The track heads back to full on mode for the duration, making this one an absolute must for the livelier floors.

Spanish artist John May returns to BP on remix duties and this one follows his own debut, Electromagnetik from early 2020. Highly influenced by the Synth-pop of the 80s and the melodic electronics of the 90s, he has spent over 18 years composing for himself and for others, producing remixes, creating projects within the different genres of electronic commercial as well as underground and club sound. By the year 2002 he had a number one on the dance floors of Spain alongside J. Puentes and their duo Pro-Active. He then got more into house music, producing for Vince Magnata and remixing various artists from the USA. More recently he found himself getting into the Progressive and Techno scene, with deeper melodies and more underground groove. On the remix here, John interprets the original in more upfront way. Punchy kicks and crispy hats lead us out as hypnotic percussions layer up. A deep, rippling bassline drives the groove as haunting vocals come through alongside distinctly Ethnic musical elements. Full of energy and rich dynamics, this one will not disappoint.