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Bonzai Progressive BP9542020 13 July, 2020

Almi & Theus (BR) join forces and return to Bonzai Progressive with the superb vocal driven Wishes. Almi aka Almeida Michel continues to impress, this one marks his full debut after remix duties on Rawnn’s Blast Off. He has represented the electronic music scene in Luxembourg for many years, with productions and remixes, adding creative elements to his sound. His tracks have been released on several labels both as a solo artist and in groups. In 2020 he is reaching for higher ground by venturing into the darker sounds of melodic techno and house, we certainly look forward to that. Brazilian DJ, producer Matheus Ferreira also returns to BP, after joining Almi on the remix for Rawnn. Theus has been producing music since 2017 and is an artist with focus, he’s attended many clubs and festivals, getting a feel for the sound so he can find his own way and uniqueness. He is inspired by melodic and progressive nuances of House and Techno. He is always ready for a great performance, knowing how to read the dance floor and getting the audience to immerse in his musical experience. Great to have both these talented artists back.

The Original Mix offers up a rhythmic journey, thanks to a tight drum section complete with shuffling hats, punchy kicks and accompanying percussions. A powerful, plucky bass drive the groove alongside the raspy vocal. The narrative is captivating, adding character to the track while mesmerizing arps and stabby synths work their magic on the vibe. A solid opener, not to be missed.

Continuing a fine run of form, Ricardo Piedra graces us with yet another solid remix. This one comes off the back of his last effort for us with Heeey, which gained great support from across the board. Always a pleasure having him here at BP. On the remix here, Ricardo takes us deeper, with his signature sound turning the original into a fluid, smooth progressive ride. Tight beats are met with a strong bass arpeggio that creates an intriguing tension. The vocal captures the mood beautifully as flurries of melodic arps come through. Top-notch stuff once again, this track will not disappoint.

Yuriy From Russia is up next on the remix, delivering more solid, progressive goodness for our listening pleasure. Yuriy From Russia has been a constant force at BP for the last number of years. His last track, In The Twilight, alongside Hidden Tigress, was very well received. As well as his own material he has contributed a raft of remixes for a plethora of top artists with critical acclaim coming in from all angles. Another superb talent we are always delighted to see. Here, Yuriy wastes no time in getting down and dirty with progressive vibe. The vocal is used perfectly, complimenting the grittier bass sounds. A healthy, rhythmic element drives the groove while infectious synths and swirling pads create a wondrous atmosphere. A darker, twisting vibe that is a definite must have.