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Bonzai Progressive BP9562020 27 July, 2020

Mendexx returns with the superb Doppelganger. It’s been a while since we’ve had him here, although we are enjoying his top-notch sets over on our Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow. For the last several years, Mendexx has been carving out a niche within progressive house, and he’s done this with a plethora of quality tracks here on Bonzai as well as other labels. He has achieved numerous Beatport Top 100 positions and several number 1 slots on other portals. He has risen through the ranks, catching the eyes and ears of many which has given him a well-earned solid reputation on the scene. On the DJ front he has found himself playing at top venues in some of the world’s most exotic locations outing him among the best jocks. Always great to have him deliver new material.

Doppelganger takes us on a mesmerizing ride through progressive house, wit a sprinkling of tech vibes. A solid beat drives the track alongside smooth, rhythmic percussions. A deep, meandering bassline controls the low end as swirling pads fill the spectrum. The main event is those striking synths that come through in various forms. Hypnotic chimes, bright stabs and cascading flurries combine to create a skilful display of synth work. Top-notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Cosmic Dust delivers a solid, chugging groove right from the off as a strong, plucked bassline powers through alongside tight beats and noisy, rhythmic percussive patterns. Darker elements show up, taking the track deeper, furthering intrigue. Haunting pads and strings combine on the first break before that chugging groove returns. On the main break we find an array of delicate plucks and breathy voices, which take us to the main groove once more the duration. A superb cut and a must have.