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This Is Now

Bonzai Progressive BP9612020 10 August, 2020

Scottish DJ, producer Allan McLoud returns to Bonzai Progressive with This Is Now, which is backed up with a solid remix from F-Act. This one follows his debut – Reset EO, which proved popular among many. From a very young age Allan was listening to music, playing different instruments and ripping guitar amps apart to find out how they work. In the late 80’s he started to DJ and produce Jazz influenced Hip-Hop using a Commodore C64 and Amiga 500 with self-built interfaces, but soon found his love for electronic music after becoming captivated with the sounds of 80’s synth music. He started out making breakbeat before finding the fledgling acid sound and finally finding his passion producing trance, which was influenced by the Dorian Gray sound of the time. He then started DJing in Clubs in North Germany making a name for himself and then deciding to move to the Stuttgart area where he started doing studio work for Unsubmissive Records. Throughout the years after, he released a plethora of music on several labels which were championed the world’s top jocks. Over the past several years he’s been collecting and repairing old analogue synthesizers and rebuilding his studio where he has a new mission to create more outstanding music for our listening pleasure. Nice to see him back once again.

The Original Mix delivers a quality retro themed groove right from the off. Rippling basses lurk deep in the construction as rhythmic percussions and a driving beat power the groove. A slow-burner which gathers momentum with each new layer added. Dark and endearing with a magnetic draw, the track just oozes quality. The gated synths are the key to that retro sound, something that will grab a lot of attention. A top-notch slice that will not disappoint.

Swiss producer F-Act returns with more remix shenanigans after his last outing here on the remix for Scott Rotton’s Acid Souls. His last full release was the fantastic Detuned World which gained great support as expected. He proved his feeling for rhythm and music at the age of seventeen when he got his first DJ gigs. Since 1993 he has been producing music as F-Act, mostly as a hobby but in the early 2000’s he’s churned out a plethora of tunes on various labels with great support from around the world. A wonderfully gifted artist, Bruno remains consistent in providing the finest quality grooves for our listening pleasure, always great to have him here. On the remix this time around, we’re taken deep into the progressive abyss with a sumptuous, warm vibe. That infectious bass draws you in as classic style synths captivate the mind. The atmosphere is beautifully crafted, leading us on a cosmic journey, filled with wondrous melody and harmony. An absolute stunner of a track that is not to be missed.