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Fish & Chips EP

Bonzai Progressive BP9602020 3 August, 2020

PCP aka Pieter Claeys returns to Bonzai Progressive with his Fish & Chips EP. This one follows his last remix here for Hakan Ozurun’s Shecko, among great reviews and reception. An oldskool jock who is considered with legendary status, Pieter was busy in the 90’s destroying the roof of the famous Belgian dance music utopia, Balmoral (and still is). He also held a long-term residency at The Temple (formerly Boccaccio). Over the last several years, he’s released a raft of tracks on various labels, including his own, Rewritable Records and sub-label Vintage Deep and has worked with a host of top artists. He also joined forces with friend and fellow artist Olivier Pieters on their Boccaccio Life (Chapter 1) EP. Always a pleasure having him here at BP.

Fish & Chips is a straight-up bass-laden monster of a track, made up of solid beats and a hypnotically charged pulsing bassline. Punchy kicks and crispy hats are joined by rhythmic percussions while cool spoken vocals litter the sound alongside echoed FX and an impending darkness that falls upon the groove. Relentless and formidable, this one will definitely rip up the floors, not to be missed.

Out Of My Mind follows the darker theme this EP has to offer, but this time we face a techier groove, thanks to a strong bassline that dominates throughout. Led by a super tight drum section, with bright hats, powerful kicks and rhythmic patterns, the groove is built, layer by layer, until we are locked on. A bouncy, floor friendly effort that will not disappoint.

Just Mellow rounds up this outstanding EP, with a more aggressive vibe. Chunky kicks and flurries of sharp percussions make for an infectious rhythmic streak as well-placed FX send trippy vibes into the mix. The bassline commands authority, forcing you to shake those hips and get down with the sound. Simplistic yet extremely powerful, you will find yourself rocking out to this in no time.