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Bonzai Progressive BP9622020 10 August, 2020

Greg S return with Desire, along with top-notch remixes from a bunch of his friends. Greg S began his love affair with electronic music in the 90’s. In 2012 he was ready to chase his dream of playing in the clubs he partied in many years ago. He became a resident at Boccaccio and it wasn’t long before festival organisers wanted him on their stages. In 2017 he started to produce, releasing his first track on Bonzai – Go Away, to rave reviews. Great to have him back.

Greg’s Club Mix is destined to destroy the floors. An energizing groove with a catchy vocal which is sure to get the clubbers excited. A solid, tight beat and percussion arrangement delivers a steady rhythmic flow while a gnarly bassline dominates the low-end, driving the groove. A top-notch cut, not to be missed.

DJ, producer Jam Deluxe debuts here with his Dirty Love Mix. He started producing and mixing in the early 90’s, and he has played alongside top jocks at top venues for many years. Here, the remix offers an upfront progressive slice. Beautiful use of the vocal works well as the track focuses on the infectious bass and flurries of rhythmic percussions. Cascading arps add a hypnotic touch making this a must have.

Sergi6onzalez marks his debut here with the superb Tech Remix. A colleague of Greg’s for many years, Sergio also served several clubs in Belgium, rising through the ranks and wowing crowds with upfront sets. He also boasts releases on various labels with quality at the forefront. The remix offers a much tough interpretation of the original, thanks to thumping kick drums and that solid, tech vibe. The vocal works very well in the setting which also boasts stabbing synths and a tight drum arrangement.

Christopher Phonk returns to deliver another solid remix for Greg. Starting out as a DJ, he soon became embroiled in production towards the end of the 90’s. His tracks saw releases on several compilations including Serious Beats and Ministry Of Sound. Here, the remix takes us on a deeper journey. The vocal transforms the groove into a darker, moodier slice as mesmerizing synths and a strong, plucky bassline drive the groove. Wonderfully rich and captivating, top-notch.

Antartic & Dimitri Cooman make their debut with us on remix duties. Antartic is DJ, producer duo Tim Rise and Jeremy Cazier. With over 15 years’ experience, they started in January 2019 and the first tracks were released by MTZ Noir Records and Strohm Records. Dimitri Cooman fell in love with music early on. It was a visit to Cherry Moon that solidified his passion. He has already released a track on Cherry Moon Records. The remix here goes deeper and darker, tackling the original on a techno front with tough beats and scathing synths. Haunting and infectious, buzzing synths and delicate notes combine alongside the rich vocal for a unique sound that will not disappoint.

The Radio Mix is just the right length for maximised air-time so you can slot this one in at just the right time.