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Dark Reaction

Dark Reaction

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-10-08

Catalog number: BP7912018

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Dark Reaction (Original Mix)
Abrupt Gear
Horizon (Original Mix)
Abrupt Gear

Abrupt Gear marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the hugely impressive Dark Reaction which, as the name suggests, is a much deeper, underground sound from what you would normally hear him churn out. Over the last couple of years this guy has ramped up his profile to become a very much revered artist. His work has been championed by the likes of Armin Van Buuren and Markus Schulz among others. He has released on a plethora of labels and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more from him in the future.

Dark Reaction is an incredibly sublime trek into the progressive abyss. The track draws you in with its warm, lush tones and then raids the senses with a series of intertwining melodies and arpeggios. A solid drum arrangement keeps the groove moving nicely while the rhythmic elements get the toes tapping. On the low end the bassline rumbles along while the mid frequencies combine effortlessly with the brighter sections. A tasty treat that will most definitely not disappoint.

Horizon delivers a slightly more edgy groove, taking several elements from Dark Reaction and trimming the sound for more upfront and in-your-face kind of groove. We love the structure put in place and the melodic parts really captivate as they contrast against the deeper basses. This one is the perfect fodder for the late-night darker rooms and guaranteed to blow your mind.




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