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    10 Years Of Piston Recordings

    10 Years Of Piston Recordings

    Label: Piston Recordings

    Release date: 2017-12-25

    Catalog number: PRCD2017032

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    Mingling (Original Mix)
    Rogerio Martins
    All I Want (Original Mix)
    About You (Original Mix)
    We Do It Like This (Original Mix)
    Rubba J
    Elisa In My Heart (Original Mix)
    Mike Morales, Mi Ke
    Thokolosi (Original Mix)
    Daniel Ray
    Phunkadelic Nights (Original Mix)
    Mean Weather (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia
    Fernweh (Original Mix)
    Tenth (Original Mix)
    Upright (PT)
    You (Original Mix)
    Josu Freire
    No More Robots (Original Mix)
    Eat Dust
    Break The Mike (Original Mix)
    Mauro Mosciaro, Agustin Dutari
    All Night (Original Mix)
    Carlo Caldareri

    We are very excited to bring you this jam packed 10 Years Of Piston Recordings compilation featuring 14 brand new, unreleased and exclusive tracks from a host of talented artists that have helped make Piston what it is today. From the old guard who stood with us in the early days, to the new, up-and-coming artists of today, we’ve got some special tracks lined up. Back in 2007 when we first started, we set out to provide a platform for fresh sounds being put together by talented Portuguese artists. Now, in 2017 we are a celebrated label with a presence in multiple countries around the world, which is a testament to the forward thinking, and desire we continue to show. Lush deep house and pumping tech house original joints from label boss Rogerio Martins, Accatone, Ritz, Rubba J, Mike Morales, Daniel Ray, Marco Madia, Bonetti, Joal, Upright, Josu Freire, Eat Dust, Agustin Dutari & Mauro Mosciaro and Carlo Caldareri are all on hand to deliver the sound of Piston and the sound of the future. Celebrate with us and get these superb cuts into your collection with a guarantee that your party will rock.




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