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Joal is a well-known Portuguese DJ and producer with one of the most exciting new Portuguese live acts in recent years as proof of his solid work.

For more than ten years, Joal has been playing with a very unique style, in which genres and tendencies are set aside to give way to pure transmission of emotions without barriers. Music lives in him as he lives for music, in a deep everlasting relationship.

His dedication and love for music gave him the opportunity to release on some of the best labels in the world like Witty Tunes, Bitten, as well as having frequent exposure on the Beatport top charts.

In 2010 he became the A&R of Monog Records digital label (, whose Modus Operandi is to make music quality prevail and create a unique and familiar relationship with the Artists and their music. Thanks to the work it developed during its years of existence, Monog Records has been constantly supported and charted by artists like DJ Sneak, Barem, Slam, Chloe Harries, Stacey Pullen, Figueroa, Maetrik and others. Wishing to explore new ways of creating music without barriers or frontiers, Joal created his new alias in 2011, releasing now also as “Scrub” all those  tracks that are distinguished by a deeper, hypnotic and more evolving feeling.

Using tendencies, creating tendencies, destroying tendencies, Joal is an artist who, above all, is unique.





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