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Synthetic EP

Bonzai Progressive BP9272020 30 March, 2020

Tel Aviv based DJ, producer duo Choopie & Sharkieboy debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb three track EP titled Synthetic. Choopie aka Sharon Choopie Freundlich makes music which defies over-simplistic genre classification, drawing influences from several genres. He has created his own unique musical identity and grown his name as a top artist worldwide. His productions and DJ sets are instantly recognizable through their unique hypnotic melodies and seductive grooves. A self-confessed perfectionist, his work is his obsession. Each track is a testament to his fascination with the creative process. After studying music tech, music cognition and perception, Choopie became captivated by the concept of listener manipulation and has cultivated the ability to translate this into unnervingly addictive tracks. Shahar Ben Barak aka Sharkieboy was involved in famous rock bands in the 90’s called Poplex and Animal Garden, which both released albums under major labels in Israel. He met Choopie in the late 80’s in the club scene in Tel Aviv and they worked together at Metro nightclub. Shahar moved to the US in the mid 90’s and opened up a nightclub in Oregon called The Vinyl Club, which was the core of the underground dance scene in Southern Oregon hosting DJ’s from Portland, LA, Seattle and New York. In the last few years, he moved back to Israel and the two friends are teaming up on a new progressive house platform in their recording studio, creating a fusion of sound from melodic techno to trance lines. Great to have this experienced duo on board.

Synthetic Mother Earth takes on a seemingly menacing approach with punchy kick drums over a gnarly, driving bassline and gritty stabs. Bright, melodic synths cut through the darker elements, revealing a sublime progressive vibe. Multiple instances of varied synths combine to create a cosmically charged atmosphere that mesmerizes, making this an absolute must have for sure.

Moon In The Window is a beautifully evolving track, filled with warmth and character. Tight beats lead a hypnotic bassline that has risen from the depths. Swirling pads and plucky synths join in creating a wonderfully lush groove with a distinct flavour. Rich, melodic motifs litter the sound, providing a dynamic contrast that will send the energy levels rising. A relentless, powerful mover, revelling in that fine line between progressive and psy, not to be missed.

Spanks rounds up this superb EP, lulling us in with a muted kick before a deep, pulsing, driving bassline takes over. Astral arps and hair-raising vocal snippets create a heavenly touch while the energy laden groove powers on. Smooth, meditative Ethnic motifs add character before the break delivers a grittier sequence taking us to the end of the track. Top-notch stuff that will not disappoint.