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Segara EP

Segara EP

Label: Green Martian

Release date: 2017-04-10

Catalog number: GM2017294

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Segara (Original Mix)
Ethno (Original Mix)
Maluku (Original Mix)

Chris M aka Krishna Prabawa is back with this brand new three tracker entitled Segara EP. We last got a look at this guys superb work back in December 2016 under his Jumers_27 guise with Feel You EP, and this one gained a lot of support from the progressive world. Great to have this hugely talented artist back with new material on Green Martian and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in the future.

Segara is a straight to the floor track that leads with a nice chunky kick drum and shuffling hi hat combi. Tight percussions dish out a solid rhythmic vibe as cool FX create wonderful textures. The bassline lurks in the low end bubbling up with its infectious groove as scathing synths deliver harsh melodies. A truly deep and sublime progressive slice from Chris.M that will definitely appeal to many.

Ethno takes us deep into the lower recesses of progressive house with a superb tribal driven groove and ethereal atmosphere. The track is powered by a solid drum arrangement and a strong bass that wraps itself over the sound beautifully. Tribal elements bring the rhythm to life as a wonderfully melodic Ethnic style synth creates a colourful layer in the sound. A top notch slice that is not to be missed.

Maluku intros with a tight tribal groove made up of a series of intricate patterns that blend effortlessly to deliver a solid rhythm. The groove hypnotizes as the layers build with more intense vibes coming through alongside a mesmeric vocal laden with quality FX. A subtle bassline sits on the bottom end allowing the mid range to dominate making this the perfect set builder that will not disappoint.




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