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Rain Upon My Skin – Remixes, Pt. 2

Bonzai Progressive BP7572018 14 May, 2018

Airwave’s deliciously progressive Rain Upon My Skin gets the remix treatment once again with two solid efforts from Rick Pier O’Neil and Crocy. Belgian music maestro Airwave took us along for the ride on his quest for the underground utopia where sublime sounds rule supreme. This one is the perfect start to that journey which, to our delight, will no doubt involve more beautiful moments from this guy’s repertoire. Enjoy this second instalment of remixes.

Rick Pier O’Neil has given us some top notch quality cuts and he remains a very much revered figure in the music production world. He’s provided several quality remixes and original works in the last couple of years to Bonzai Progressive with his most recent slice Lost Elements alongside Chris Gavin proving popular. Always a pleasure to have him drop a remix our way. Here Rick wastes no time in getting right into a solid progressive groove. A tight drum arrangement gets us moving as an epic atmosphere builds and gathers momentum. Tension builds courtesy of a dark bass tone that weaves through the groove, effortlessly taking control. Softly sung vocals deliver a haunting vibe, melting smoothly into the groove against a backdrop of deep elements that captivate and mesmerize. A real slice of prog to keep the party rocking that does not disappoint.

Crocy returns with another sublime remix which proves yet again that his penchant for quality is strong. Recently he has provided several superb remixes including work on Wolfson’s Too Loose and Marco Bailey’s Scorpia over at our Classics division to name just a couple. A seriously talented artist who never disappoints and always one to watch. Here on the remix Crocy gets down to business with a wonderful, pure progressive vibe. Right from the get go we’re lured in thanks to a tight drum section and an infectious bassline. The track evolves slowly into a raucous stomper filled with pounding beats and captivating melodies. On the break we’re taken deeper into the progressive abyss with strong bass pulse dominating alongside sweet pads and that haunting vocal. An absolute must have track in your arsenal.