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Pumping Pumping EP

Piston Recordings PR2015190 21 December, 2015

Spanish DJ and producer Bonetti aka Andres Boned is back at Piston with his Pumping Pumping EP, and one thing is for sure, it’s pumping. His last outing came on remix duties for Rob Small and Dan Hartley’s – Stubbed which proved popular among many jocks, which is no surprise as this guy really knows how to work a groove. Pumping Pumping comes with the original mix and a top notch remix as well as two other tracks making this pack a tasty treat.

The Original Mix sets out with some cool and crispy hats and sharp claps before a solid kick drum pounds out a thumping beat. We get locked down into a full on Chicago inspired deep house groove as that bass line rolls effortlessly across the sound. Retro styled vocal snippets litter the groove and are the perfect match for the classic chord stabs. A proper dance floor destroyer no doubt, a must have track.

Italian born DJ and producer Carlo Caldareri returns to the Piston camp with his remix of Pumping Pumping. We last caught a glimpse from this guy back in 2014 with Cuz I’m Killing and an appearance on Best Of Piston Recordings 2014. He’s also shown up on My House Is Your House 10 and Tech Room Toolbox 4 on Bonzai Progressive. Great to see him back once again and we hope to see more in the future. On the remix here Carlo etches out a full on tech house flavoured groove. Tight drums and super crispy hats ensure the rhythms will force you to move. A solid unbroken bass line takes over and dominates with a funky twist. That bass line keeps us going until the break where classic vocals come through before we get slammed right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff yet again from this guy, not to be missed.

Gangsta Boom intros with a classic thumping kick and sharp hat combi complete with snappy claps to get the rhythm juices flowing. A superb bass line takes over and brings a warm deep groove to the sound. The bass is coupled with some smooth keys that deliver a funky side to the sound which will definitely have booty’s shakin all over the floor. Cool rap style vocals lift the track and give it a pacey edge while other classic vocal sit in the background. Another fine slice of deep house that will be a welcome addition in any collection.

Follow The Leader sets off with a classic intro full of punchy kicks and crispy clear hats and sharp claps. A smooth rolling bass line soon joins in and offers up a brilliant deep groovy vibe. On top of the bass we have warm chords that seal the track firmly into the deep house realm. We are treated to some fantastic vocals that will definitely give the party a lighter touch. A wonderful fusion of sounds that will keep floors moving all night long, top notch stuff.