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Perte EP

Perte EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-08-21

Catalog number: BP6802017

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Perte (Original Mix)
Versleten (Original Mix)

Dorian Fabian Padilla EspInola aka Doriaan returns to Bonzai Progressive hot on the heels of his very well received debut – Buffet Froid – with the superb Perte EP. Self taught in the art of music production, Dorian is quickly rising through the ranks, gaining great support from across the board thanks to his dynamic productions. It was only 2 years ago that he got his first official release and since then he has found himself in a very exclusive niche within the progressive house sound. This guy is definitely one to watch, no doubt we’ll be seeing lots more in the future.

Perte sets out with a nice chunky kick drum which is soon joined by shuffling hi hats that get the body moving. A deep bubbling bassline rises from the depths and is joined by scattered vocals and a backing arpeggio. The track builds nicely into a solid progressive slice filled with dark melodies and cool FX. A powerful Ethnic vibe washes over the groove thanks to hair raising vocals and harmonics. The sweetest, melodic piano takes over on the break delivering a beautiful euphoric vibe before we get slammed right back into full on mode. Fantastic stuff that will not disappoint.

Versleten delivers a dark and mysterious slice of progressive house. Right from the get go you’re locked into the groove which is filled with space age, cosmic vibes courtesy of some very cool analogue sounding synths and a deep probing bassline. The main melody grabs you with its surreal charm while hypnotic vocals take us deeper. A stomper of a track that is not to be missed.




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