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Onket EP

Onket EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-07-17

Catalog number: PR2017331

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Onket (Original Mix)
Discult Soundsystem
IDTKNW (Original Mix)
Discult Soundsystem
Basic Principles (Original Mix)
Discult Soundsystem

House music aficionados Discult Soundsystem debut on Piston Recordings with the superb three tracker Onket EP. Known for their super cool parties, their Let’s Discult open air livestreams and groovy sets, we’re delighted to have this talented group on Piston.

Onket settles into a deep tech house groove right from the off thanks to a solid drum arrangement and powerful chords. A wonderful bassline enters the fray as an intriguing spoken vocal delivers a narrative to create that deep groovy vibe. The drums and percussions make for a tight rhythmic display that will surely get the floors moving. As the groove powers on the chords become intensive as they get a more prominent stabby hit. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

IDTKNW intros with a classic kick drum and hi hat combi that is joined by the most beautiful Rhodes chords complete with a tasty tremolo on the tail end. A deep, probing bassline comes through to join the chords and create a wonderfully lush and deep groove. Cool vocals litter the track as we’re drawn ever deeper into its sublime vibe. Definitely one for those intimate late night sessions.

Basic Principles delivers an upbeat and upfront tech house groove complete with a raucous acid line that is gonna light up the floors no doubt. Well crafted drum patterns lead the way and provide a dancey rhythmic flow to the groove while surreal chords fill out the background. The bass mirrors the acid sequence to form a powerful bassline as interesting synth arps ease in at the midway point. Excellent stuff and a must have track in any tech fuelled set.




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