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    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2017-08-21

    Catalog number: BP6812017

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    Naked (Original Mix)
    Adriano Dodici, Checco Esse
    Naked (G.I.O.R.D.Y. & S12 Remix)
    Adriano Dodici, Checco Esse, G.I.O.R.D.Y., S12

    Adriano and Checco are back at it again on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Naked which comes backed up with a quality remix. We last saw the guy’s on remix duties for Doriaan’s Buffet Froid where they delivered a delicious progressive slice. We always love it when this Italian duo send over their latest work, great stuff as always.

    The Original Mix delivers a solid slice of progressive vibes with a catchy retro theme thanks to that bouncy, dancey bassline. Tight drums and a rhythmic percussion arrangement will ensure the floors are filled while that bassline mesmerizes. The background is laced with subtle FX and melodic notes to add depth and texture. A classic spoken vocal is used brilliantly on the break, the older heads will get this one for sure. Top notch stuff that you do not want to miss.

    The G.I.O.R.D.Y. & S12 Remix injects a dose of funk into the groove courtesy of deep stabby chords and a bubbling bassline that lurks on the low end. The track is kept moving by some very nice beats made of chunky kicks and shuffling percussions. The instantly recognisable vocal works beautifully here, delivering its mysterious narrative against the backdrop of funky vibes. Superb stuff here that is a definite must have.




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