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My House Is Your House 10

My House Is Your House 10

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2014-12-22

Catalog number: MWCD2014468

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Metric People (Original Mix)
Disordered Perception, Carlo Caldareri
Samplin' Memories (Original Mix)
Marcus Raute
I Am Phatool (Original Mix)
Classic Motherfucker Record (Original Mix)
Miguel Reis
Acid Ghetto Street (Bart Ricardo Remix)
JR From Dallas, Bart Ricardo
The Lost Thing (Original Mix)
Shades Of Summer (Original Mix)
Danny eM
Taking It Back (Original Mix)
Rogerio Martins
Club Soja (Original Mix)
Joss Moog
Deep. Music. (Original Mix)
Baila! (Original Mix)
Juanma Llopis
Set The Sun (Original Mix)
Tali Freaks
Slap Your Body (Two Deep's Soul Fly Remix)
Edmund, Two Deep
Solid Groove (Original Mix)
Drop Of Sound
Feel The Love (Tommy Largo Remix)
Tommy Largo, Terrance Dizko
12 Seagulls (Original Mix)
Marco Madia
Night Journey (Original Mix)
Yusuke Yamamoto
Splash Chords (Aphreme Classic Remix)
Solartoff, Aphreme
Intense (Original Mix)
Different (Leonardus Remix)
Leonardus, Le Babar

Welcome to the 10th instalment of My House is Your House. 20 of the finest Deep House, Tech House and House music cuts have been sourced from our own back catalogues and further afield for your listening and dancing pleasure. Get down and funky with tracks and remixes from the likes of Carlo Caldareri, Disordered Perception, Marcus Raute, Phatool, Miguel Reis, JR From Dallas, P.A.M.O., Danny Em, Rogerio Martins, Joss Moog, Darouge, Juanma Lopis, Tali Freaks, Edmund, Two Deep, Drop Of Sound, Terrance Dizko, Marco Madia, Tommy Largo, Yusuke Yamamoto, Solartoff, Ecco, Le Babar, Aphreme, Bart Ricardo and Leonardus. All your house needs in one place and enough to get the party started and beyond.




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