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Living For The Sound EP

Living For The Sound EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-12-17

Catalog number: BP8122018

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Living For The Sound (Original Mix)
Seth Vogt
Sandhill (Original Mix)
Seth Vogt
Telegraph Hill (Original Mix)
Seth Vogt

Bonzai Progressive is delighted to welcome back Florida based Seth Vogt with his Living For The Sound EP which is the follow up to the fantastic Cinematic which he produced along with fellow Floridian Silva and which included the outstanding solo effort Starz Fade. Seth has been producing dance music professionally since 1996 and has done remixes for many underground acts as well as being commissioned for remixes by household names such as The Script, Korn, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Trina and more. He is the owner of M-Toxin Recordings and has over 200 professional releases on several labels. He has been a resident DJ for HouseFlyz club nights in downtown Orlando for over 8 years, has played the main stage for both Future Sound of Breaks and Dog Eat Dog Records events consecutively during the Winter Music Conference in Miami for the past couple of years. Outside of DJing and producing he has done original vocals for releases on tracks by Agent K, Under This, Kid Panel, Avlish, as well as his own original productions.

Living For The Sound opens with a muted kick drum and shuffling hat combo as various percussions layer up. The kicks get their thump on alongside deep-rooted piano notes and melodic synths. In the background mysterious, captivating ambient pads fade in, setting the track up for a sublime journey into progressive house. Sweet piano melodies form up as we’re teased with a soft vocal while the bassline adds depth and power to the groove. On the break the vocal breaks through sending shivers down your spine with its raspy tone making this an absolute must have for any set.

Sand Hill combines swirling, mesmerizing pads with deep droning basses for that perfect contrasting, rich textural sound that holds you in its grasp. Alongside this we have subtle melodic sequences and gritty FX, driven by a tight drum arrangement. The track builds and builds with beautiful pianos and hypnotic arpeggios. A truly invigorating slice of progressive house that will be a welcome addition in any crate.

Telegraph Hill rounds off this spectacular EP from Seth and, is the absolute personification of deep, driving, melodic prog house that will grab a lot of attention no doubt. It’s a compelling piece from the start to finish with harmonic bliss captured within the superb arrangement. Thick slabs of bass and neatly tailored percussion work together perfectly as bright, plucked synth melodies ring out. The main break delivers an emotive, heartfelt sequence before the rumbling groove returns for a heady finale. A must have that will not disappoint.




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