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Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-05-08

Catalog number: PR2017311

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Industry (Original Mix)
Stranger Boys
Rebel (Original Mix)
Stranger Boys

Italian DJ and producer duo Riccardo Lippi and Marco Bottari make up Stranger Boys and they debut on Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker – Industry. Stranger Boys also known as Strangers Boys was brought to life in 2013 by Riccardo aka Ricky KK as a project to in electronic music, particularly tech house, minimal, deep house and techno. In the beginning he saw the project as a solo effort but with the idea of integrating new artists with similar interests. Towards the end of 2015 Marco Bottari joined and things started to get interesting for the pair. In 2016 they played for the first time together on Ibiza Radio before several releases came out on various labels. Lots more to come from these guys, well worth keeping an eye on.

Industry delivers a solid tech house fuelled groove from start to finish with a focus on a tribal themed drum section that will get feet to the floors for sure. The drums are tight and create a flowing rhythm thanks to a fantastic percussion arrangement. A discreet hypnotic pad lurks in the background while a groovy bassline rises up from the depths. Definitely one for the late night sessions here, not to be missed.

Rebel intros with a pumping kick drum and stuttering hi hat that give off a pacey vibe to the track. A deep rooted bass comes through setting the darker tone in the groove while those tight percussions keep the rhythm moving. Dark synths show up to take us well into the abyss of tech house with an almost industrial feel to the sound. A monster of a track that will be the perfect fodder in those edgier sets for sure.




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