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Horus EP

Horus EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2020-02-17

Catalog number: BP9162020

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Horus (Original Mix)
Samer Tinoco
Osiris (Original Mix)
Samer Tinoco

Samer Tinoco debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the outstanding Horus EP. For Samer music is just a hobby, a form of personal expression. With 8 years’ experience as a producer, his style is based on the underground electronic scene in genres such as Techno and Progressive House, with tendencies to dark and progressive sounds. He has seen releases on labels such as Society Music Recordings (Italy) and Spring Tube (Latvia), reaching the top 5 on the label chart in Beatport, sharing with artists such as Hollen, Diction, Anthony Mea, Donatello, and Solid Stone. He also had a number 1 spot on popular label, Red Delicious Records (Mexico). We’re delighted to have him on board.

Horus is a beautifully enriched and infectious progressive house mover. Warm, meandering atmospherics envelop you as bright melodic arps cascade through the construction. Chunky beats and a rhythmic percussion section will definitely get the floor moving. A smooth, flowing bassline keeps the track on a deeper level, contrasting with the wispy voices. On the break the beats are stripped back to reveal more of those soft melodies before a short snare roll takes us back to the main event. More prominent, stabbing synths come through, adding a vibrant touch and making this an absolute must have.

Osiris opens with rhythmic percussion pattern along with airy pads and a soft, plucky arp. Thick, solid beats emerge with a strong, rolling bassline in tow, which sets us up nicely for a trek deep into progressive territory. The pads create a powerful atmosphere as bright, percussive melodies come through. The infectious, hypnotic groove keeps us locked on while on the break, we find tougher, grittier and more striking synth hits that add a rich vein to the groove. A superbly crafted slice that will not disappoint.




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