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Bonzai Progressive BP9412020 25 May, 2020

Spanish artist Oscar Holgado debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic, Forms. Oscar has always been passionate about music and all it concerns. There came a time for him to capture all this love for music in his own unique productions. Releasing from 2012 on labels such as System, Baroque, Soiree, Balkan Connection and Piston Recordings among others, including his own imprint Symmetric Records which started in summer 2014. Since then, he has been busy developing his new sounds to deliver his own unique goodness to the masses, also working hard on his own label trying to deliver unforgettable sounds to take the dancefloor to another dimension. Great to have him on board.

The Original Mix opens a world of intrigue and authenticity. Right from the off the groove inspires, locking you in with a smooth rhythmic structure and lush basses. Sitting on a bed of intricate percussions, driven by a solid kick drum, an emerging atmosphere captures the imagination. A mystical and minimalistic charm comes through, only to be surpassed on the break with a stunning vocal that sends shivers down the spine. Full of character and surprise, this one is an absolute must have, no doubt.

The ever popular AudioStorm delivers a solid remix here, which is no surprise at all. His last outing, Beauty Of The Andes, was very well received and a testament to his wonderful talent. Since 2015 we’ve been proud to have this guy on the roster, he has never disappointed and his sound always excites. So much more to come from him so make sure to stay tuned. On the remix here, AudioStorm opts to keep us firmly within the deeper side of progressive, with those swelling basses being a constant reminder. Atmospheric pads ebb and flow as the sublime vocal rings through the groove. Tension mounts with every passing beat, leading to a break that sends us higher into the stratosphere, before slamming us back to the main groove. A beautifully worked remix that will not disappoint.