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    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2020-04-20

    Catalog number: BP9322020

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    Fate (Original Mix)
    Fatih Kosar, E. Eren
    Fate (Neptun 505 Remix)
    Neptun 505, Fatih Kosar, E. Eren

    We welcome Fatih Kosar and E. Eren back to Bonzai Progressive with another sublime slice titled Fate. This one follows their equally superb Lock-In from mid-2019 and features a fantastic remix from Neptun 505. Hailing from Istanbul, Fatih and Eren have carved out a solid reputation on the dance music scene. Faith’s passion for underground music during his early years, led him to electronica and a job at the popular Twenty club. From here he started to gather dance records, gaining experience and forming a party collective called Groove Therapy. He remains an underground DJ and he loves the deeper sounds of house and progressive. E. Eren is obsessed with spreading sound frequencies that expand the sonic boundaries of the present by feeding off the past and future roots of culture. A lover of several genres, his sets are innovative and raw. He’s held residencies as top Istanbul clubs, playing alongside a host of world-renowned jocks and ha has presented his own radioshows. A pleasure to have them back at BP.

    The Original Mix intros with a distinct Dr Who style bassline with spacey pads that ebb and flow through the sound as a tight drum section keeps the rhythm flowing. Arpeggiated notes bleep and bloop, adding a surrealness to the groove. The lead synth is straight out of a dystopian inspired sci-fi flick, nestling perfectly into the construction. The break focusses on the warm pads before the bass fades back up to take us back to full-on mode for the duration. A superb effort that will not disappoint.

    Marcin Stepien aka Neptun 505 also returns to BP, this time on remix duties. We also last saw him here back in mid-2019 with the wonderful Event Horizon. Growing up, Marcin listened to music from hip-hop to dance. Over time electronic music took his interest so he started to study the roots of this type of music. Artists like Michael Cretu (Enigma), Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre are the people who had the greatest impact on him. He started to make own music in 1999 but 2008 was a real breakthrough year for him with original and remix releases on labels like Magnetide Records, UDTK Records, and then later on Dirty Stuff Records, Electronic Tree, Mistique Music, Smart Phenomena Records and Passion Fruit Recordings. He has also delivered quality cuts over on our own Green Martian imprint. Always one to watch, a hugely talented artist indeed. Here, the remix is taken deeper into the progressive abyss, interpreting the original in a formal approach which creates a fine, steadily moving groove for the floors. Right from the off we find ourselves locked in thanks to a solid, driving beat and that thick, lush bassline. The combination of the soaring pads and dynamic lead synth create a timeless beauty in the sound. Simply stunning and a definite must have for sure.




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