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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-08-19

Catalog number: BP8702019

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Fake (Original Mix)
Matthew Kramer, DJ Dag
Fake (Remix)
Matthew Kramer, DJ Dag

DJ Dag and Matthew Kramer return to Bonzai Progressive with more top-notch progressive grooves to wreck the floors this Summer. These guys have decades of experience and their respective journey through electronic music are impressive and inspiring. DJ Dag aka Dag Lerner is best known as one half of early 90’s pioneering duo Dance 2 Trance alongside Rolf Elmer. He was of course responsible for many other hits in various groups and for lighting up the floors at the Dorian Gray and other venues in Germany and across Europe including Space Ibiza and Cocoon. Matthew Kramer aka Matthias Kramer became interested in electronic music from a young age. He also graced the decks at Dorian Gray and has also plied his trade at many venues in Germany and beyond. Matthew and Dag have been in collaboration for many years with a wealth of top tracks on several labels. They’ve produced a plethora of tracks as solo artists and as part of groups that provided the soundtrack to a generation of clubbers and, it’s clear they haven’t finished just yet. No doubt we’ll be seeing more from these two.

The Original Mix intros with a strong, thumping kick drum which is boosted by an on-beat bass drone. Crispy hi hats soon follow, whipping up a steady rhythm as the percussions build. Melodic plucks emerge with teasing allure before cascading arpeggios join in alongside cool spoken vocals which allude to an infamous secret recording. The groove becomes infectious with sweeping pads and those relentless arps creating an intense atmosphere. Fantastic stuff yet again, not to be missed.

The Remix version intros with a cool robotic voice alongside punchy kicks and a rolling bassline. Shuffling percussions layer up, settling us into a steady rhythmic groove. Subtle synth stabs lurk in the background as rich pads swell up as melodies creep in. After a short break we’re locked into a strong groove that will most definitely get the floors rocking. An absolute must have for the clubs.




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