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Exit 1 EP

Piston Recordings PR2017350 2 October, 2017

South Africa based Daniel Ray heads up our next Piston release with the superb two track deep house joint entitled Exit 1 EP. This guy continues to impress with his production style, he’s provided a plethora of fine cuts over the years on Piston and Eyepatch Recordings as well as appearing on several compilations. Daniel is also the man behind the electronica, downtempo and breaks project Placid Larry with several albums already under his belt. Always a pleasure to have Daniel on board and no doubt we’ll see much more in the future.

Exit 1 takes us on a journey deep into house with a sultry melancholic flavour. Dubby beats and muddy bass tones paint a murky and mysterious picture. The deep groove penetrates into your soul, forcing you to lock on with an air of contemplation. A rich atmosphere filled with contrasting sounds generates an intensity and gives the track character. A solid slice that will keep the late night floors busy.

Poly Snatch intros with a nice punchy kick drum over a melancholic organ drone. Subtle, shuffling hi hats and percussion FX fade in alongside bright notes and a dominating low piano chord. A multi-layered bass section produces some superb results, keeping the track firmly in the deep house arena. A wonderfully rich and hypnotic cut that will not disappoint.