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    Don’t Stop

    Don’t Stop

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2018-12-03

    Catalog number: BP8092018

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    Don't Stop (Original Mix)
    Tom Wax, Dan Hillson
    Don't Stop (Beatless Mix)
    Tom Wax, Dan Hillson

    German DJ and producer Tom Wax returns Bonzai Progressive alongside fellow countryman Dan Hillson with the superb Don’t Stop. For Tom, this one follows his last effort Jippa Jappa while Dan is making his debut. Tom has always been a leading figure in the electronic music scene in Germany since 1988, he has also inspired a lot of DJ’s and producers around the world with his unique sound. After more than 25 years behind the DJ booth he is still on a mission as he releases tracks on labels such as Great Stuff, Toolroom, CR2, Bitten, Bush, Suara, Armada Deep, Toca 45 and Phuture Wax. At the height of the European techno and trance era, Tom was responsible for a vast number of classics under his Arpeggiators, Microbots and DJ Tom & Norman guises. His tracks found their home on R&S, Harthouse and Overdrive Records. He partnered with Thorsten Adler on AWeX and found international fame with It’s Our Future on Plastic City. Dan Hillson aka Hillson is a relative newcomer on the scene. He has several releases over the last few years on quality labels and his unique sound is something that is grabbing attention. Hopefully we will hear much more from him in the future.

    The Original Mix opens with a pulsating rhythm made up of an array of drums and a sub level bassline. The groove builds and builds as an intensity creeps in, hypnotizing the mind. A cool vocal litters the sound, complimenting the gritty elements while a sharp, stuttering synth fades in alongside gated vox. A real stomping progressive mover with a tech overlay that is a definite must have.

    The Beatless Mix borrows from the synth elements within the original mix. Pulsating bass, gated voices and that distinct arpeggiated hook combine beautifully for a sublime build up that will rock any floor. The perfect accompaniment for a set opener or a mid-set mind invasion, the choice is yours.




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