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    Cold Heart

    Cold Heart

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2019-07-01

    Catalog number: BP8582019

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    Cold Heart (Original Mix)
    Raunaq Sandhu
    It's Okay (Original Mix)
    Raunaq Sandhu

    Mumbai, India based artist Raunaq Sandhu debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the excellent Cold Heart which takes us on a deep, moody, uplifting journey. Also known as Mr Sandhu, Raunaq is an experienced electronic music producer who is now beginning to shine by spreading his music far and wide. Great to have him on board, this guy is definitely one to watch.

    Cold Heart intros with a chunky kick drum and a sporadic percussion arrangement that eases us into the mood. A slow groover, carried by a sweet electric piano and an infectious arpeggio creating a sexy groove that holds a deep melancholy. Interesting vocals add depth and character to the sound making this an absolute must have, no doubt.

    It’s Okay sets us on a deep house journey right from the off as cool percussions are joined by a punchy kick and a mesmerizing pad that endlessly fades in, carrying a subtle melodic tone. Lush pads and grand arpeggios build up into an explosion of uplifting emotions before thrusting us back into an energetic frenzy of frequencies. A definite dancefloor contender that will not disappoint.




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