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    Black EP

    Black EP

    Label: Piston Recordings

    Release date: 2013-06-24

    Catalog number: PR2013084

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    Black (Original Mix)
    In2Deep, Fulltone
    Walk It Off (Original Mix)

    Canada based duo Hassen Kamal and Omar Bakir make up In2Deep. The guys have been around the music industry for years now and have performed alongside top jocks at top clubs all around Montreal. They have an impressive release list across many labels and are founders of Null Music. Here we see the guys debut on Piston with the superb “Black EP”.

    First up we have the title track “Black” which is a wonderful journey through the darker side of deep tech house. Flowing rhythms are brought to life with a cool thumping kick backed up with some very cool percussions. The bassline is a tough, gritty affair and this sits perfectly with female spoken vocal that dominates throughout, keep your ears trained for some classic dialogue from an outstanding iconic movie.

    “Walk It Off” takes us into the realm of the club with a brilliant upbeat funk fuelled belter of a track. Nice and simple classic kick, hat and percussion intro with the bassline making a cool entrance and settling into a steady rhythm. On the break some classy house chords make an appearance before powering back into this solid slice of deep house, just brilliant.




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