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Behind The Beat

Behind The Beat

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-05-01

Catalog number: PR2017309

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Behind The Beat (Original Mix)
Mauro Mosciaro, Agustin Dutari
Generate It (Original Mix)
Mauro Mosciaro, Agustin Dutari
I Can't Wait (Original Mix)
Mauro Mosciaro, Agustin Dutari

Argentinean DJ and producer duo Agustin Dutari and Mauro Mosciaro debut on Piston with the tech house fuelled three tracker Behind The Beat. These guys are two clear examples of how Argentinean dance culture is shifting and moving, especially towards the rhythms of house. In the studio they combine their skill sets to produce only the finest quality beats and grooves. Agustin utilises his DJ skills, which he has presented at top clubs including Pacha, Ibiza and in showcases for Ibiza Global Radio. He has also travelled the beautiful Balearic Islands playing at different beach clubs and bars such as Sands, Delano, White, Magic Boat Party and Veto Social Club. Mauro combines his career as a music producer with DJing. He runs his own studio and when he’s not laying down house laden beats he’s working with bands and solo artists as a sound engineer. Working together for the last couple of years they are able to hone in on each other’s ideas with some very nice results indeed. A rising force in the South American scene and beyond, this duo is well worth keeping an eye on.

Behind The Beat gets to work right from the get go and heads straight for the floors with a bouncy tech beat made up of tight drums and rhythmic percussions. A deep rumbling bassline gets the groove into full flow as some very cool vocals keep the club vibe moving. A definite must have track that will not disappoint.

Generate It intros with a solid, chunky kick drum and bright hi hat combi. Vibrant vocals burst through and give the track a distinct club flavour with a dance hall twist. The percussions keep the rhythm moving nicely and get a little help from a sub bass that weaves through every crevice of the track. The vocals intensify thanks to some nifty effects while the drum section continues to surprise. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

I Can’t Wait is up next and kicks off with a solid drum arrangement that heads straight to the floor. A fantastic, deep subby bassline fades in offering a minimal tech kinda vibe. Short sharp vocal shots come through and change the dynamic effortlessly as the track breaks to reveal a glitchy sequence that builds and thrusts us back into the solid groove. A simplistic sounding cut that packs a huge punch, this one will grab a lot of attention.




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