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Music From The Fields

Music From The Fields

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2008-09-09

Catalog number: PR2008017

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Some Say Dark, Others Light (Original Mix)
Peter Pan
Some Say Dark, Others Light (Piekfein Goes Nuts Remix)
Piekfein, Peter Pan
Acid Is Alive (Original Mix)
Peter Pan

First release of Peter Pan for Piston Recordings, and what a package guys!!”Some Say Dark, Others Light” is a dancefloor monster track, that defies most “rules” of a club track, with a evil bassline that will make you jump!Including a Piekfein Remix to best serve you all.On the B-Side theres “Acid is Alive” another great track from Peter that explores a diferent kind of atmosphere, very moody and introspective.Hope you all like it as much as we at Piston do!



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