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Dark Soul Project and Mathov are on a bit of a roll at the moment. The guys have been churning out top quality tracks of late and this time around is no exception. Between 2 Sides comes backed up with two superb remixes as well as the original which will definitely whet the appetite for an indulging prog experience.

The Original Mix takes us into a smooth, almost laidback ride into house music with deep, flowing grooves that glide effortlessly along the sound. A deep and probing bass keeps the track on point as rich strings ebb and flow with climactic prowess right through the track. At the midway point we are treated to a very cool siren like lead that dominates with its cosmic vibe. Perfectly wrapped tune complete with a super tight arrangement that will definitely keep floors moving.

Netherlands based DJ and producer Thorin returns to remix duty with another of his sublime takes. It’s been a while since we last saw Thorin round these shores, it was back at the end of 2014 when he provided a brilliant remix on Manu Riga’s Tai Chi Girl 2014. But, he has been very busy indeed with remixes for Rick Pier O’Neill on Mistique Music and appearances on several top progressive compilations. On the remix we get treated to Thorin’s smooth vibes that take us deep into prog with an uplifting feeling that is born out of those gracious strings and pads as they cascade beautifully filled with wonderful melodies. The solid grooves are shored up by a tight drum section and smooth basses which provide the perfect platform for the brighter elements to shine. A definite must have track in your collection you will not want to miss.

Blufeld is up next with his Darkside Remix and yet again he pulls out all the stops to deliver on the quality front. Last time out we saw his track, A World Less Ordinary, gain a lot of support across the board. Currently Blufeld remains hard at work in the studio and no doubt we will be seeing a lot more in the months ahead. On the DJ front he continues with his radioshow Progmospherica which you can catch every month on Pure Fm. Here, the remix intros with a nice chunky kick that filters in to reveal crispy hats and some cool percussions that dish out a solid rhythm. A chugging, multi layered bassline drives the groove beautifully as warm strings and pads begin to rise. Sweet melodic phrases flow through the sound creating a wonderfully textured construction. On the break that bass drives on as the pads are joined by soft voices and a winding siren lead. Top notch stuff from this guy that is not to be missed.

#darksoulproject #mathov #bonzaiprogressive #thorin #blufeld

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The prolific Audio Noir dishes out another tasty treat with this two tracker entitled Progressive Tales. Just recently he was on hand for remix duty on the revamped Extreme Trax release, Sound & Future where he delved into a more electro theme with fantastic results. Currently he is finishing off some very exciting work which we hope to be seeing very soon. Lots to keep an eye and an ear on with this guy so stay tuned.

Solace & Light drags you deep into the progressive world right from the off as big chunky broken kicks burst through to the backdrop of a stunning atmospheric soundscape that really locks you in. An infectious arp dishes out a sweet melody as the beats go for a full on four to the floor groove. The track soon reveals an energetic, driving bassline that takes over the sound before we hit the break where a dark progressive lead is unleashed with a little help from a classic trance-like gated vox. A big and ballsy production that will definitely light up floors everywhere for sure.

Spaghetti Western intros with a surreal musical trotting hoof sound that is joined by punchy kicks, sharp claps and a devilish, driving bassline that dominates the groove. Shuffling hats provide a solid rhythmic platform where the layers build effortlessly as huge deep pad sequences form up on the break alongside a cool spoken vocal. The leads inject a dose of adrenaline that sends this deep progressive groover into overdrive complete with a sprinkling of Morricone for good measure. One for the big floors here that will not disappoint.

#audionoir #bonzaiprogressive

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SeamLess Beat and Franz Lehmann join forces to deliver deep sultry progressive grooves on Green Martian with Toward Peace which comes backed with two top notch remixes. UK born DJ and producer SeamLess Beat aka Nick Newman started his music career as DJ playing Happy Hardcore and Drum n Bass in various clubs. In 2013 he started to produce and now he boasts a raft of releases on top labels including many on the mighty JOOF Recordings as well as LuPS Records, Mystique Music and Carousal Records with appearances on compilations for Bonzai Progressive’s Club Traxx Breaks 2 and Green Martian’s Afterhour Trax 12. He also hosts his own radio show, BlueWav Deep on Pulse House Radio where he showcases the finest deep grooves around. Argentinean DJ and producer Franz Lehmann hit the producing bug back in 2013 with his debut track Deathroom on Cubik Records, since then he has released on labels like Balkan Connection, OLD SQL Recordings, Massive Harmony, Mistique Music and BQ Recordings. With a distinct progressive sound these guys have matched up well and no doubt will turn a few heads with this, their first collab.

The Original Mix intros with a surreal other worldly sound that delivers a haunting vibe. Chunky kicks and tight percussions provide a solid rhythm that glides effortlessly along as a deep droning bass cuts its way through the track. Those surreal, plinky pianos and bright blips mesmerize in the strangest way as we are led into a veritable rabbit hole of progressive grooves. A wonderfully constructed slice of prog that will intrigue with its colourful textures you will not want to miss.

Up on remix duty we have Manu Riga with his Harmonies Remix. Manu aka Belgian musician, composer, producer and DJ, Adriaan Baussens is no stranger to these shores with his exhaustive back catalogue of works on Bonzai Progressive. Last time around we saw his growing collab with Matt Holliday gather pace with their second release Submerged Needs which continues to gain support across the board. Lots more coming up from this guy including, a new collab, more radioshows and DJing, so stay tuned for more. On the remix we are treated to a Manu Riga special with lots of tight drums and perfectly placed percussions. A deep droning, pulsing bass fills the track beautifully alongside the melodic synths that drive the groove. Rich voices crop up throughout as the track progresses and add a wonderful character to the sound. Such a brilliantly worked slice of prog here that will definitely not disappoint.

#seamlessbeat #franzlehmann #greenmartian #manuriga

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Spanish DJ and producer Taigherwuds debuts on Bonzai Elemental with the deeply atmospheric The Lounge. A lover of all kinds of music since his childhood, he studied music and composition for many years. During this learning time he ventured into DJ land and played various parties around his home city and beyond. After a decade of experience producing music for Japan, Taigherwuds, along with Daro H, decide to found his own label, 27H Records. They had great success with techno tracks many chill out tracks. Taigherwuds then began to focus on Techno and released many tracks across top labels including Sleep Is Commercial, Berlin Aufnahmen, Berlin Aufnahmen (Vip), Sa Trincha Recordings, Baccara, Everlasting Sensation, Bootleg Beats, Quebolarecords, Weekstart Music, Hi NRG Attack, ABeatC Records, Stanch Records, Muenchen and Avex JP, among others. He always dips back into chill from time to time and this time around he merges both worlds with chilled out, ambient tracks and a full on techno stomper. Delighted to have him on board and hope to see more soon from this guy.

The Lounge intros with a wonderful ambient soundscape filled with sounds of the forest that is joined by a pulsating bass before unleashing a trance-like 4×4 beat. Rich strings join in and captivate as they ebb and flow through the sound. On the break we return to the forest accompanied by a fantastic piano sequence and melodic plucks that melt into the sound beautifully. An epic ride that will just as easy have you dancing or just chilling, top notch stuff.

Less sets out with a strange, spacey vibe that evokes an image of an alien landscape with bubbling sounds alongside cool filtered synths. A deep raw bass dominates while rising strings and pads take hold of your senses and lock you into their hypnotic groove. This epic journey encounters many transformations from deep and murky to bright melodic sequences that will stimulate your imagination, brilliant stuff.

One More Minute intros with a cool tribalistic drum arrangement and is soon joined by a nice punchy kick and crispy hat combo that gets the groove on the move. A deep throbbing bass meanders through the sound and brings a cool Techno flavour that will keep any floor moving. On the break we get locked into a space-like vibe as out of this world sounds converge to the backdrop of those rhythmic, tribal drums which lead back into the main groove for the duration. Definitely one for the collection here that will not disappoint.

#taigherwuds #bonzaielemental

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Afterhour Trax 16 delivers 20 of the finest progressive cuts in one package from top labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Mistique Music, Sudam and Green Martian. Beautifully crafted curvaceous grooves come from artists such as Michael & levan & Stiven Rivic, Inkfish, Phi Phi & Airwave, Audio Noir, Dark Soul Project & Mathov, Kintar, Simos Tagias & Billy Alex, JWM, Manu Riga, Thorin, Sebastian Busto, Alex Vidal, Wild Guess, Yuriy From Russia, Moshic, Samotarev, Max Magnum, Monojoke, Matan Caspi, Mikko Lahti, Mariano Mellino, Degrassi, Stanisha, Kaan Koray, Ewan Rill, Rick Pier OiNeil, Greenage, Kindred Spirits, Edwin van Cleef, Julian Dep, Robert R. Hardy. If you’re looking for deep, flowing progressive vibes then this one is a must have for your collection.

#greenmartian #inkfish #audionoir #kintar #manuriga #thorin #alexvidal #yuriyfromrussia #monojoke #ewanrill #edwinvancleef #robertrhardy #stivenrivic #michael&levan #airwave #phiphi #darksoulproject #mathov #femalefiz #simostagias #billyalex #jwm #sebastianbusto #wildguess #moshic #samotarev #maxmagnum #matancaspi #mikkolahti #marianomellino #degrassi #stanisha #kaankoray #rickpieroneil #greenage #kindredspirits #juliandep

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Atreyus Fate debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Autumn. The Original Mix of Autumn intros with a super sweet and intoxicating pad melody that fades out into a very cool progressive groove complete with chunky kicks, gritty bass and sharp stabs alongside some excellent one shot vocals that get the gated effect. On the break the pads return and bring that rich melodic sound before a nice and pure analogue style bass comes through and sets the track on its sublime progressive house journey. A truly stunning trek into the prog house sound that will clear away those foggy days and get you in the mood for Balearic summer.

The Deezy Sunrise Mix goes straight for the jugular with a superb upbeat drum arrangement that will definitely get the floors and terraces packed. A warm, lush bass sits on the low end beautifully and allows the sweeping, caressing pads to let loose and bring those wonderful melodies into being. In the background cool arps flow through as cool vocals are used to great effect. The break delivers a surreal sequence as the pads and bass are left alone to wander around and drive the mind deeper into the sound.

#atreyusfate #bonzaiprogressive

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Dennis Franchi makes a much anticipated and a most welcome return to Bonzai with the four tracker, Taking Care Of My Shit. Dennis has racked up a raft of top notch releases on the likes of Creaminal Records, Bonzai Basiks, Progrez, Wasabi Recordings, Hi Fi Stories and more since 2009. His last outing on these shores came on remix duty for Fab Code’s Midnight Shuffle which appeared on the epic Bonzai & Friends Underground Progressive compilation. Great to see him back and we hope to see much more in the future.

The title track, Taking Care Of My Shit sets off with a nice progressive vibe as punchy kicks are met with a cool shuffling hat sequence and perfectly balanced bass tones that rise up throughout the sound. This obsessive straight to the floor track will hypnotize as the layers continue to build around a solid bassline and some cool vocal shots that pop up from time to time. An expertly crafted synth arrangement takes a lot of the focus and will definitely keep the ears trained and honed in for the duration. Brilliant stuff from Dennis that will definitely find its way into many crates no doubt.

Nice big punchy kicks and crispy hats provide the intro on Winter Noise alongside a cool pulsing bass and gritty noise effects. Cascading synths flow through the sound as subtle melodies expand within to deliver an almost dream-like, mesmerizing state. Cool stabs bring a true house vibe that melts into the deep rhythms and solid no-nonsense groove. Top notch yet again, a must have track.

Little Mil intros with a punchy Techno fuelled kick that leaves a warm after touch. Classic styled percussion form up with snappy snares and sharp claps and shuffling hats. A super low sub bass throbs into the groove and will definitely give the woofers a run for their money while literally blowing the socks off all who gather. A very cool retro vibe is evident as those fantastic synths rise up and deliver an infectious sequence that will hook you right in. Expertly crafted drum patterns will move the floors with ease as the groove takes hold, superb stuff.

3+1 provides a trek into a tech fuelled progressive charged world filled with tight beats and cool rhythms. A fantastic grooving bassline takes charge and will definitely get the floors on the move as reverbed synths cascade through the sound. On the break those lush synth dominate before giving way to the solid bassline once more, this is one track you need in your box.

#dennisfranchi #bonzaiprogressive

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Spanish DJ and producer Juanma Llopis serves up another deep treat with Going Insane. Last time out he delivered the goods in style with his Baila! EP which gained fantastic support from many quarters. Going Insane intros with a smooth upbeat kinda vibe as nice phat beats are joined by some bright keys and cool risers. Expertly crafted basses clutter together beautifully to deliver an intricate pattern that seals up a proper solid groove. The vocals complete this track perfectly with their raspy, harmonic house flavours. Cool melodies flow throughout and create wonderful textures that allows you to fully immerse into the sound. Sublime stuff from Juanma that will turn a few heads for sure.

Walk With Me intros with sharp hats and a very cool drum arrangement that builds up a solid rhythmic structure. Nice and chunky kicks are joined by a warm probing offset bass that controls the groove beautifully. The drums continue layer up and result in a complex web of patterns that work so perfectly together to the backdrop of a myriad of vocal shots. Subtle chords and rich strings reveal the true deep house vibes of the track as a superb female vocal brings a sultry cabaret style to the sound. Another excellent cut that will see a lot of playtime no doubt.

#juanmallopis #pistonrecordings

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Irish DJ and producer Dominic Smith makes his full debut on Monog Records with the superb Dig Deep EP. Dominic is no stranger to these shores having delivered a fantastic remix on Luis Bravo’s Switch Dance at the start of 2015. We know this guy loves his house music and how he dissects genres and moulds them into cutting edge grooves. Since grasping the inner workings of Ableton he has been relentless in his approach to producing as he leaves no stone unturned. It is this attention to detail that has gained the attention of various labels including Monog, we have no doubt there will be much more from this guy in the future so stay tuned.

Dig Deep intros with a wonderful punchy kick and a warm fading bass note alongside some super crispy hats and snappy claps. The track already oozes deep tech vibes that will definitely have asses shaking with its infectious rhythms. Cool vocals come through and are joined by a deep reverberating bassline that gets the groove going into overdrive. Throughout the track we are treated to bouts of sharp stabs that cut through the lower frequencies with ease and leave us wanting more. On the break the sound descends into a smooth and sultry affair with those beautiful chords and some very cool spoken vocals that spew out an urbanised theme before we get thrust right back into the main groove. Top notch stuff yet again from this guy, not to be missed.

Dominic teams up with Irish DJ and producer Sonny Andreucetti aka Sonny Alsalmo to deliver the sublime Don’t Stay In. Sonny is known for being a hard working producer, often pending long hours in his home studio. He has a passion for various styles including dubstep and tech house, and hi mixes can be heard on various online radio shows each month. Well worth keeping an eye on this one for the future. The track intros with classic thumping kick and bright open hat combi. Sharp vocal one shots break through alongside some very cool rising chords and glistening synths. A proper deep and throbbing bass takes over the sound as the layers build forming a solid rhythmic flow. The break throws up another super cool vocal that adds a ton of character to the sound as well as bringing a raw, urban element. A superb slice of deep tech that will be a welcome addition in any set no doubt.

#dominicsmith #monogrecords #sonnyandreucetti

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Venezuelan DJ and producer Alfredo Mena returns after a bit of a hiatus with the stunning Do You Remember on Bonzai Basiks. Last time around he gave us his My House EP which went down a treat across many dancefloors and charted very well also. Do You Remember intros with a real nice tech flavour filled with a helping of punchy kicks, crispy hats and a superb bass that sits perfectly beneath track. A tightly constructed percussion arrangement unleashes smooth rhythms alongside some gritty noises and a deep, hollow vocal that gives so much character to the sound. Very cool stab keys come through and deliver a solid groove as the bassline is transformed into a twisting pattern that will definitely have asses shakin no doubt.

Outbreak oozes tech fuelled grooves right from the off as a chunky kick is joined by crispy percussions and cool snappy snares. The bass rides the rhythm beautifully as it blends effortlessly with some very cool organic sounds and one shot vocals. A myriad of FX keeps the track on point in the tech department while creating a vivid and colourful groove. Top notch stuff that will be a welcome addition to any set.

The Secret sets off with a superb in your face chunky kick and sharp hat combi alongside a throbbing sub bass that will shake the bones. The tight drums make for a very rhythmic vibe and will definitely keep the feet dancing. Cool vocal one shots come through and bring a nice tech induced groove that is built upon with a gritty bassline. On the break a very familiar riff is introduced that will get the retro juices flowing. An excellent sound here that will turn a few heads for sure.

#alfredomena #bonzaibasiks

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