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Demarkus returns to Piston with the fantastically upbeat dance-your-socks-off I do It Naturally which comes backed up with a great remix from Bonetti. After appearing on Secrets Of The Trade in 2015 Demarkus delighted us with his full debut – Strung On You, soon after. His sound carries a wonderful deep house flavour and it’s no wonder he’s appeared on many top house labels over the years. We’re delighted to see him back and we just know that this one is gonna rock.

First up we go with the Original Mix straight to the dancefloor, there’s no choice here, the track will force you to move to its solid rhythmic flow while an instantly recognisable diva-esque vocal rings out. The pounding kicks and bright crispy hi hats keep things moving nicely while a deep rooted bass rattles the subs mercilessly. Cool synth chords remain strong throughout, but it’s the vocal that steals the show here. A definite must have for the floors to get down to.

Piston firm favourite Spanish DJ and producer Andres Boned aka Bonetti steps up to the remix desk with a superb rendition that takes us deep into the house sound. His last outing – Pumping Pumping at the start of 2016 proved popular and this one follows suit with its party fuelled sounds. Right from the off we’re instantly dragged towards the floor as that funky bassline does its thing. Big chunky beats are matched with a tight percussions arrangement to deliver a well oiled rhythm that just lights up the groove beautifully. The vocal stands out nicely and adds to the funky nature of the sound. Top notch stuff indeed.

#demarkuslewis #pistonrecordings #bonetti

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Italian DJ and producer Mirko Gorelli is back at Piston Recordings with the fantastic two tracker entitled Happy. Mirko joined us with his debut House Culture back in May 2016 and the response was very well received. Having released his first track back in September 2015 Mirko is quickly building a very respectable and impressive catalogue of works. No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more from this talented artist in the future.

Happy is carried along by a nice and warm sounding kick drum that is broken only by a sharp clap and then some nice and crispy hi hats. The rhythm builds as the shuffling hats take hold and are joined by a cool vocal snippet. A deep rumbling bassline soon takes over and we find ourselves locked into a solid slice of tech house to get down to. Additional vocals deliver a party atmosphere making this a welcome addition for any set.

Release intros with a pumping kick drum and shuffling hi hats and rides that form into a classic style upbeat vibe full of flowing rhythms. A deep probing bassline delivers a solid low end that will get those asses shakin no doubt. The cool vocals will be recognisable and give the track a cool clubby vibe while high strings and surreal pads create wonderful textures. After a short break the track comes back with a vengeance ready to take control of the floors. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

#mirkogorelli #pistonrecordings

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Greece based Makis Argirakos aka Soulshade debuts on Green Martian with the superb Keep On which features the wonderful vocal talents of Innah. Makis got into music from a young age and he has delved into many styles of music since then. He has tried his hand at the likes of rock, live acoustics and electronic including house and deep house. Since 2014 he has been dishing out some quality tracks across various labels and we’ve no doubt he’ll continue to do this. We’re delighted to have him on board.

First up we have the title track Keep On which features a superb vocal from Innah which gives the track an epic vibe that blends effortlessly into the quality progressive house groove. This one is a real stomper with nice phat beats and a wonderful deep bass that drives the track brilliantly. A tight drum arrangement ensures the rhythms are on point making this ready for any floor. Retro style synth stabs make up a big part of the track and these are matched by expertly crafted arps that cascade up and down the track. With the no frills vocal standing out beautifully this one is a definite must have for any prog set.

Don’t Change intros with a lush plucked guitar riff to the backdrop of a solid punchy kick drum. Chaotic arps filter through and set the tone for the track as we are led deeper into the progressive sound. A deep and probing bassline leads the way and lures you in with its warm embrace. A cool vocal come in and adds a great character to the sound as those guitar plucks are resurrected. A straight up dancefloor bomb here that will appeal to many with its upbeat groove and fantastic sound design.

#soulshade #innah #greenmartian

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One of Monog’s best known and prolific artists returns with more deep tech goodness for our listening pleasure. Luis Bravo delivers his two track Bubbles & Dues EP and once more we’re blown away with this guys’ creativity and professional approach. He stands out as a highly respected artist in his field, striving to maintain quality sounds in everything he does and this is evident just by listening to his work. His last appearance on Monog was back in November 2015 on remix duties for Pulse8’s Feel the Way EP, delighted to have him back for more.

Bubbles sets off with a silky smooth warm vibe that slowly builds up into a solid slice of deep techno goodness. A tight drum arrangement leads the charge which is backed up by shuffling hats that generate a fine flowing rhythm. The low end dominates here though, those bass melt into the groove beautifully and are accompanied by perfectly placed percussions for maximum effect. A classic vibe can be felt off this one, a floor mover for sure.

Dues opens with crispy hats and sharp claps that form up into a cool rhythmic shuffle. Nice and chunky kick drums soon follow with a deep pounding bass in tow. The drums here are exquisite, they’re tightly packed into a solid arrangement that flows effortlessly. The techno groove just oozes out of this one thanks to some gritty synths and that huge bass. A nicely building track that will be a welcome addition to any late night techno set.

#luisbravo #monogrecords

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A relative newcomer on the production front, Moscow based Minijack Tulip debuts on Eyepatch with the fantastic three tracker entitled PZ/DC. The purveyor of all things house and techno, Minijack Tulip released his first track back in 2015 – New Rules – on Natural Rhythm. Great to have him on board at Eyepatch and we hope to see more soon.

PZ/DC sets off with a nice bouncy vibe that takes us on a cool tech house flow. A deep underlying sub bass shores up the groove nicely as stabbing synths make an appearance alongside some cool vocals. Hoverish synths find their way into the sound and blend perfectly with their more gritty cousins. One big hitter on this track though are the drums, they form up into a tight rhythmic structure and are filled with sublime snare rolls and shuffling hats. A fine debut that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Berlago is a wonderfully crafted tech house come techno hybrid that packs a huge punch with a solid groove for the late night floors. Big chunky beats and a subtle rhythm section make for some nifty dancing material that will delight the floors. A deep invasive bassline probes through the sound beautifully with a menacing gait as strange and quirky synths go off all around. A hint of retro creeps into this one making it a must have track, no doubt.

Raw Wow gets right into a steady flowing rhythm right from the off as punchy kicks are joined by crispy hats and some cool drumming. Techno inspired synths and FX litter the sound and as the layers build you become locked in to its mesmerizing groove. The break delves deeper into a surreal sequence complete with sinister voices and more of those fantastic synths before the beats return and we are back in full on mode. Definitely one for the late night sessions here, not to be missed.

#minijacktulip #eyepatchrecordings

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Belfast based Louis Irvine follows his previous Progrez techno slice – Malfunction – with the impressive two track In My Mind EP. Malfunction and its B-side Time Bomb proved popular among techno jocks and featured in many playlists and charts, it also made its way onto top compilations and it’s no surprise that many floors were rocked by its presence. Louis remains consistent in his approach to making music, all the while learning new tricks and methods. He puts in a lot of studio time as he strives for only the very best quality sounds. Much more to come from this guy so well worth keeping any eye on.

In My Mind sets off with a pumping kick drum and cripsy hi hat combi that is joined by a hypnotising rising synth. Subtle percussions create a superb texture making the track sound fuller while adding a splice of rhythm. This one goes deep, very deep, we find ourselves locked into a full on techno monster that powers on relentlessly. The vocal is a massively powerful tool on this one as it creates a wonderful trippy experience. A definite must have here that will boost any late night set.

Pandorum takes us deep into the techno abyss with its pumping kick drums and mesmeric pulsing pads. Bright and crispy hats cut through the lower frequencies like a knife and pave the way for a range of percussions to come through. A big focus goes towards the drums here but the pulsating pads, sharp synths and FX add cool textures putting this one squarely in the must-play-to-rock-crowd bag, this one does not disappoint.

#louisirvine #progrez

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Matt Holliday returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Godforsaken which features three quality remixes from Rise and Fall, Crocy and metrONomes. A firm favourite at Bonzai, Matt has delivered some fine tunes over the last few years, including his last outing Pipe Dream as well as sublime cuts alongside friend and studio partner Manu Riga. 2016 has proven to be a very busy year so far for Bulgaria based Matt. Several radio shows, DJ gigs and a raft of top notch releases have kept him busy. But it’s his recently released album – Phase Of Life (JOOf Aura) – that was his main focus. A truly forward thinking artist with a lot to offer, we always look forward to his new sounds.

On the Original Mix Matt Holliday demonstrates a mature and cultured take on the progressive sound. He digs deep on this one combining many elements to get us into the depths. This one is surreal, sensual and simply stunning. A solid drum section drives the track while a beautifully warm low end powers the groove. Swirling, panning pads deliver trippy sequences that draw us in further while distant melodies offer a light at the end of the tunnel. Fantastic yet again from this guy, this one will not disappoint.

Rise And Fall step up to the remix desk with another fine slice of progressive. A highly respected artist on the scene, his last outing for Bonzai – Genetic – gained a great deal of support as did his remix for Nico Parisi’s Attica. On the remix here we are treated to a pumping progressive beat which is laced with a techno edging. Chunky kick drums lead the way as deep droning, gritty basses fill up the low end. A solid groove ensues and is shored up by a tight rhythmic flow, courtesy of some tight drum arrangement. This one goes deep and we soon find ourselves locked on for the duration, wanting more and more. Top notch once more form this awesomely talented artist.

Bonzai stalwart Crocy delivers another one of his emphatic remixes for our listening pleasure. Just recently he unleashed his own latest cut – Valve – which proved very popular indeed and solidified his stance on the progressive scene once more. Never one to miss a beat, we know we’re in for some top notch sounds when this guy gets to work. On the remix here Crocy does what Crocy does and delivers a super fine quality progressive house joint. Nice and chunky kick drums are front and centre as rhythmic percussions layer up to take us to the floor. A punchy, stabby bass comes through to dominate the sound and is joined by various subtle melodies that combine beautifully to0 take us higher. The main melodic part is super sweet and stands out brilliantly amongst the lower frequencies. Another fine slice from the main man, not to be missed.

The dynamic duo metrONomes are back on remix duties to take us on another trip with their brand of deep grooves. With a penchant to blow our minds with their creative wisdom, it’s no wonder these guys are much sought after when it comes to looking for quality vibes. Their last outing on Bonzai – Crocodile Tears – turned a few heads and showed up on many playlists, which is no surprise really. Much more to come from these guys in the future so stay tuned. The guys offer up a techno fuelled take on the original and as you’d expect they do an absolute outstanding job. Big punchy kick drums lead the way and are backed up with trippy FX and subtle synths. A monstrously deep, pulsating bassline is the big hitter here and no doubt the bassbins will take a hammering from it. Minimal, powerful solid techno grooves to set the floors alight, this one is a monster.

#mattholliday #bonzaiprogressive #crocy #riseandfall #metronomes

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The wait is finally over, Cortex Thrill aka Ivo T. Montina returns to his Bonzai home, after 20 years on hiatus, with the retro laced upfront progressive house cut Mitochondria. Ivo launched his Cortex Thrill project in 1993 on Loving Ed Records, but he was soon picked up by the expanding Bonzai Records in 1994 with his debut – Intro. A string of classic hard trance, trance and techno EP’s (Duction, Infiltration and Euphoria) followed – along with a quality remix for Jones & Stephenson’s First Rebirth – and it was during this time that he was joined by studio partner Sven Gleda. In 1995 the guys took a break and returned in 2001 with releases on various labels including the album The First Contact Death Star on Croatian label Dancing Bear. As Sven pursues other projects, Ivo took the decision to revamp Cortex Thrill and the results are simply stunning. Even though it’s been 20 years since his last Bonzai release, he is in tune with the quality sound the label offers today. As if his return isn’t good news enough, Ivo is committed to delivering more of his unique sound in future release, something we very much look forward to. For now though we invite you to Mitochondria and its two superb remixes from Fabian Jakopetz and RBA.

First up is the Original Mix and straight away you get locked on to the solid progressive groove it has to offer. After a series of synth shots and FX the track opens up into a full on driving progger full of chunky beats and a superb, deep rolling bassline. Cortex Thrill’s distinctive 90’s sound can be found within the swirling pads and the underlying acid vibe. Cool vocals are littered throughout and add to the multi layered textures of the sound. Big and ballsy stuff that straddles the border with trance, top notch indeed.

Another returnee to the Bonzai stable, Fabian Jakopetz joins us on remix duties. He is no stranger to Bonzai with a raft of releases across many of its labels and he has over 100 releases on other various labels with support from around the world. It was back in 2012 when we last seen this guy when he joined forces with Dub Way on Mellow Mode (Bonzai Basiks). Great to see him back for more and we’ve no doubt that this remix will top many charts and playlists. Here Fabian takes us on a wonderfully rich tech house trip complete with tribal drums and a superb synth section. The drums stand out brilliantly and are led by a thumping kick drum while crispy hats and various other percussions work their magic to deliver a solid rhythm. The synth play is outstanding with a myriad of sounds converging to create a real sense of darkness. Excellent stuff once more from this super talented artist, not to be missed.

RBA debuts on Bonzai Progressive with a superb remix that is dripping with serious progressive vibes. On the remix here we get drawn into a deep progressive groove right from the get go. The intro boasts a pulsing bass note that hooks you in before a chunky kick drum comes along and gets things moving. Organic fuelled synths dish out a wonderfully textured riff that is mixed brilliantly with the superb vocals and gritty bass tones. A deep, dark monster for sure, this one will turn a few heads.

#cortexthrill #bonzaiprogressive #fabianjakopetz #rba

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Portuguese DJ and producer Mario Silva aka Eat Dust is back with more of his quality tech house grooves on Piston Recordings with Ghetto Hustle. This one follows the fantastic Robots EP which came out in March 2016 and is sure to gain a lot of support just like its predecessor.

Ghetto Hustle offers an upbeat vibe that will certainly get the floors buzzing. Big chunky kick drums and slick drum programming make for some tight rhythms. A deep and lush bassline envelopes the track beautifully as the drums and shuffling hats do their thing alongside some very cool vocals. Filling in the gaps we have a smooth layered house chords that brings a cool groove to the sound. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Unknown Underground intros with a pacey kick drum and building percussion arrangement. The kicks soon find their thump and are joined by a crispy his hat to deliver a classic style intro. Cool vocal snippets lead us up to a sub heavy bassline that will dominate the woofers and send shudders down the floor while an array of cosmic FX add textures to the sound. Superb stuff that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#eatdust #pistonrecordings

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Lex returns to Piston Recordings and this time he joins forces with Esteban De Haro and Kel to deliver the superb Three Laws Of Audio. DJ, producer, artist, label owner, Alex (Lex) of Athens Greece, represents a way of life that embraces innovation, evolution and communion through sound. His last outing on Piston was alongside Dimi Wilson on Thoughts About It which picked up a lot of support and featured in many charts and playlists. He runs his own labels and has amassed quite an impressive back catalogue, great to see him back for more and hope to see even more in the future. Esteban De Haro debuts on Piston and brings a refined tech house sound to the mix, definitely an artist to watch. Kel also debuts on Piston and brings a wealth of experience to the sound. Since 2007 Kel has dished out quality cuts on various labels and has worked alongside Lex on their recent cut Jexin on Frole Records.

First up we have Lex (Athens) & Esteban De Haro with Three Laws Of Audio which intros with a smooth and groovy drum arrangement that lulls you into the sound. A solid rhythmic flow comes out of the shuffling hats and beautifully arranged percussions as bright synth notes ease in alongside stuttered vocals. A deep, walking bassline comes through to take over and brings the sound deeper, delivering a solid tech house groove to get the floors pumping. A very cool track indeed with a plethora of FX that blend together perfectly creating a rich texture that will most definitely appeal to many.

Next we have Lex (Athens) featuring Kel with Texas Maggot. The intro here boasts a strong, punchy kick drum and shuffling hats alongside a sharp clap. Bright crispy hi hats come through and cut through the bassy tail of the kicks like a knife. A surreal vibe takes over when the clangy synth chords come into play alongside a deep meandering bassline. The groove is deep here and the collection of warm sounds and smooth vocals will keep it there. Top notch stuff indeed, definitely not to be missed.

#lex(athens) #estebandeharo #pistonrecordings

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With a penchant for deep and lush progressive vibes, Crocy returns with another tasty treat for our listening pleasure. Just like previous Crocy incarnations this one keeps us firmly rooted to the deeper side of prog. His last outing – Mind – featured the stunning vocals of Ashley Berndt as well as an appearance on Bonzai & Friends 500. As always Crocy delivers the goods and we’ve no doubt that this one will rock out many floors.

Valve is a solid slice of progressive made up of some lush sounds and deep grooves. A tight drum arrangement keeps the track flowing while a superb low end bass settles us into the groove. Stabby, gritty synths do the rounds here giving the track a gutsy edge that will appeal to set builders and floor mover alike. Subtle melodies float through the track revealing stark contrasts that make the sound pop in all the right places. Top notch stuff and not to be missed.

Reach intros with a beautifully weighted kick drum that leaves a little low end hanging with each hit. A complex hi hat structure emerges alongside a building percussion section, delivering a smooth flowing rhythm. A hypnotic techno-sounding synth bass fades in and out creating a darker more intense vibe that plays out wonderfully against a backdrop of some ultra cool instrument riffs. An excellent builder here that will definitely get feet moving towards the floors.

#crocy #bonzaiprogressive

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Naxound and Gleb Rubens debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb three tracker Amon Ra. For the last few years both artists have been plying their trade in the best possible way, by delivering only the finest quality sounds. They’ve seen releases on many top labels and have featured heavily in various compilations. It’s great to have these guys on board and we hope to see more soon.

Naxound’s Intro is a journey deep into the progressive abyss that will leave you wide eyed and wanting more. The track sets off with soft pad that becomes more intense as other elements emerge. A truly cosmic experience unfolds with an array of synth stabs and FX. Deep droning basses fill the spectrum and dominate the groove for the duration. The drum section takes a back seat here as those basses lead the way, but they stay around enough to deliver a solid rhythmic vibe. A simply stunning piece of music that is most definitely not to be missed.

Naxound & Gleb Rubens’ Amon Ra intros with a smooth drum sequence that gives off a real laidback vibe. Soft kicks and fluffy hats combine alongside a tight percussion section to bring a real hypnotic rhythm. A deep bass probes its way through the track taking us deeper into the groove while swirling pads fill the background with their trippy melodies and beckoning calls. A sublime slice of progressive for the late night parties that will not disappoint.

Naxound’s D.F.G.S intros with a cool drum sequence and probing bass. A sift rising pad fades in before crashing out to reveal punchy kicks and the beginnings of a surreal trek deep into progressive. The trek gets well underway with a superb arp that cascades up and down the track and melting into the sound beautifully. The bassline transforms into a superb driving groove as the track reaches the depths. This one epitomises the progressive sound beautifully with its sublime hypnotic groove, a definite must have track for any serious prog DJ.

#naxound #glebrubens #bonzaiprogressive

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Konnect aka DJ and producer duo Carlos Hdez and Phil Luttgenau, and Cool People aka Jose Alonso and Jonay Fel, debut on Piston with the fantastic Slow Jam EP. This duo-double act have been whipping up a storm on the scene with both groups creating some superb dancefloor cuts. Since 2014 Konnect have shown their talents in the best possible way, by churning out quality vibes at every turn. They’ve seen releases on various labels and featured on many compilations. Cool People have won multiple DJ competitions in Spain and after that they decided to combine forces to bring their energetic and dynamic stage performance to the clubs. We’re delighted to have these four artists at Piston and we hope to see more in the future.

Slow Jam sets out with a classic styled punchy kick and shuffling hat sequence that will definitely get feet to the floors. A deep droning bass comes through and suddenly the track becomes fuller and groovier. A cool vocal gets things moving also and leads us into a fantastic synth stab that carries a retro vibe while plucky bass hits ramp up the energy. Excellent stuff with a nod to the oldskool that will most definitely appeal to the discerning clubber and DJ.

Just Wanna Bass with a nice punchy kick drum and cool snare patterns alongside crispy hats that set the scene for a solid flowing rhythm to get down and dirty to. Cool vocal shots ring out raising the tempo of the groove as the bassline starts to make its presence known. All over the track we’re treated to some superb synth stabs that manifest in various forms and blend effortlessly with the deep rooted bassline. A wonderfully textured slice of tech house that is not to be missed.

#konnect #coolpeople #pistonrecordings

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Slugin Vitaly aka Russian house music maestro Redwaxx, debuts on Piston with the superb My Ground. With a solid presence amongst DJ’s, Redwaxx has taken to the airways on various radio stations where he delivers smooth house grooves with a classic vibe. On the production front he has notched up a few releases on Kolour Recordings and Crossworld Vintage with much more to come no doubt. A rising talent for sure and one we’re delighted to welcome into the Piston family.

My Ground delves deep into the house sound with a beautifully crafted sequence of sounds. Punchy kick drums lead the way and are joined by cool percussions and crispy hi hats that deliver a solid flowing rhythm. Housey chords give the track a warm glow and combine nicely with the deep probing bass and quirky acidified tweaks. Just the tonic for those late night sessions, this one will keep the floors rocking.

I’m A Fan intros with a solid thumping kick drum and a hypnotic pad. Bright crispy hi hats soon join in alongside a fantastic punchy bassline. A classic vibe ensues that will certainly get feet on the floors. Deep, lush chords fade in and we soon find ourselves in the midst of a beautifully crafted deep house groove complete with funky stabs and short melodic riffs. A pure party banger that will not disappoint.

#redwaxx #pistonrecordings

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Russlan Jaafreh returns on Green Martian with the fantastic The Universe Within Us. He debuted on our imprint back at the start of 2016 and has also made appearances on many quality labels since. His tracks have graced top labels such as Mistique Music, Mystic Carousel, BQ Recordings, Green Snake, Innertek Recordings and Deepsessions to name a few He is a modest producer who ‘just makes music’, but we think he is something special and we’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more in the future.

The Universe Within Us intros with a very cool slapped drum sequence that builds up a solid rhythmic flow alongside punchy kick drums and bright crispy hi hats. A deep bass drone fades up and we feel the intensity levels increase. The sound becomes infectious and we find ourselves completely hooked, wanting more, and more we get. The track becomes locked into a solid progressive groove with swirling pads and a chugging bassline that simply do not let up. There is a short respite on the break where a super sweet melody takes over only to be swallowed up by that superb bassline once more. Top notch stuff that you do not want to miss.

Antimatter is a wonderfully crafted progger that will sit perfectly in any peak time set. A nice chunky kick drum leads the way with crispy hi hats and sharp claps joining a solid percussion section. Hypnotic synths stand out against a superb bassline that chugs along, driving the track with gusto while swirling pads create wispy melodies reinforcing the lead synth beautifully. Distant voices are scattered throughout, taking the groove deeper making this a definite must have track.

#russlanjaafreh #greenmartian

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