Belgian DJ and producer duo Mad Gregor and Pat Lezizmo join forces for their Bonzai Progressive debut with Astral Voyage EP. Mad Gregor is the owner of Aztech Music, Faraway Scope and Caravalle. He’s been developing his diverse sound over many years and remains inspired by simple ideas that lead to melodic sculptures for the soul. Pat has been at the forefront of creating versatile house music for a long time. He is a master at fusing different genres and he always gets the results on the floors. He recently appeared over on our sister label – Piston Recordings, with impressive releases that have played well. Great to see them here.

The Original Mix opens the release, delivering a solid progressive performance filled with mesmerizing vocals, hypnotic basses and melodic techno influences. Deep and warm, the groove eases its way into your soul as lively percussions and punchy beats keep the rhythm loose. Not to be missed. The Afro Tech Mix takes us down a much deeper path, filling the spectrum with Ethnic fuelled grooves and intriguing patterns. A cacophony of drums and percussions takes centre stage while Afro inspired vocals do their work. Smooth and meandering, perfect beats for the late-night session. Innerphonic conclude the release with a solid remix. The group is made up of DJ’s and producers Marc Denuit and Mad Gregor who traverse the realms of progressive and melodic house music. Here, they’ve ramped up the energy of the original, lighting up the groove with a more melodic display. Striking guitar plucks come through strong as deep basses rise from the depths. Shuffling percussions and punchy beats layer up as arpeggios combine alongside the mesmerizing vocals. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

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