Award winning Croatian electronic music outfit Cortex Thrill, return to Bonzai Progressive with the first of a trilogy of releases titled Cosmic Voyage. Episode 1 begins the series, offering a glimpse at the cosmos through sublime progressive grooves. The guys have just celebrated 30 years in the business, with the release of their much-anticipated studio album 3.0 highlighting that milestone and which was topped off with a prestigious best electronic music album award in Croatia. We’re always excited to hear their latest offerings.

Supernova kicks things off and, true to form, the track is simply superb. Smooth and steady grooves are driven by tight, rhythmic drums and space-age sounds. Sublime synth pads that are Jarre-esque in nature control the narrative as a mesmerizing bassline rules the low-end. The Original Mix of Krypton is next, dominated by beautifully crafted rhythms and arpeggiated fragments. The melodies come through effortlessly against a starker background. Driving basses and cosmic flare tightens the groove and makes this another must have. Electronic music maestro Manu Riga steps up on remix duties for Krypton. The Belgian artist remains a firm favourite here at Bonzai and is responsible for a swathe of superb releases and remixes for us over the years. His own label – Vesta Records, has taken hold with a solid grip on the scene and he’s becoming a presence at events such as Legacy Festival and more. Here, Manu delivers one of his poignant, musically driven grooves. Littered with his signature style of exotic instruments and murky underbelly, enchanting voices add character as infectious basses keep us grooving, pure genius as ever. The Original Mix of Trip 2 Orion continues the off-world theme, taking a darker approach with robust features including deep basses, moody synths and an overall alien vibe. To conclude the release, we have the Interstellar Remix of Trip 2 Orion. This interpretation builds on the original, offering up an epic, charging groove. Strong stabs and delicate melodies contrast as a chugging bassline keeps us moving. The track builds momentum, with emotive note changes coming through at the break before entering the final act. Roll on Episode 2.

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