Our next release on Bonzai Progressive comes from one of our most prolific artists, Nico Parisi. His newest effort – Solo, is the latest in a long line of top-quality cuts. His steadfast dedication and attention to the detail is his sound is truly admirable as once again we are treated to a showcase of his talent in true progressive style. His last outing here – I Need A Woman, was in collaboration with Monotique and Franco La Cara, and the guys are back with Nico here, providing 2 superb remixes.

Kicking off the release we have the Original Mix, which sets out its intentions right from the get go with a charming, hypnotic and smooth groove. An uplifting quality runs through the track, with delicate arps and soft melodies joining swirling pads and a lush bassline. Sublime stuff from Nico, not to be missed. Franco La Cara joins Nico once again, this time on remix duties, offering up a vibrant interpretation. Shuffling percussions and chunky beats lead the way as a deep, rumbling bassline controls the low end. Striking synths contrast beautifully, making this a definite must. Monotique also returns after recent collabs with Nico. Here, he adds a more edgy vibe with plucky sounds and a rich vein of bright synths. The melodies simply roll through the groove effortlessly, giving the listener a sense of euphoria while retaining that progressive trait. Mesmerizing and infectious, this one will not disappoint.

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