Progressive house legend and Bonzai stalwart Manu Riga returns to Bonzai Progressive with Loose The Game. As ever Manu Riga delights with his attention to detail revealing his passion for quality music with everything he touches. A string of top-notch releases and a slew of remixes have made this guy stand out from the crowd. Manu Riga continues to refine his sound, taking his distinct progressive style down many pathways and the results are simply stunning. We’ve become accustomed to his masterful musical arrangements no matter what style he turns his hand to. His music is championed by many and crosses genres to become a universal sound which has also inspired a new generation of music producers. Always a pleasure to see him here and no doubt there is still much more to come.

The Original Mix opens the release, heralding a rich, vibrant progressive groove filled with lush pads, warm basses and an enchanting vocal. Rhythmic percussions keep the flowing nicely, adding to the energy and making this a definite must have. Cortex Thrill returns to Bonzai Progressive with a solid remix. Croatian electronic music pioneers Ivo T Montina and Robert Grizilo have been going since the early 90’s, and for more than 3 decades, they have unleashed their sound across Europe, gaining the affection of a nation and amassing an army of fans. The remix here is a beautiful example of their signature style. Dynamic and cosmic vibes sit on a bed of tight beats and mesmerizing patterns as the vocal sits perfectly in the groove. Top-notch stuff. We welcome Argentinean artist Agustin Buaon to Bonzai Progressive for his debut remix on the label. He is part of the pop band Fus Delei and half of techno outfit Celesta. His tracks have been released on Vesta records and he is a rising talent on the progressive scene. Here, the remix delivers an energetic, driving groove. Emotive note changes work in harmony with that sublime vocal exchange. Delicate melodies contrast against deep, rumbling basses that give off a techy vibe. An excellent interpretation that does not disappoint. Enertia-Sound are back at BP on remix duties. It’s been a while, the last time we saw them was on the remix for Frozen Twilight by Andy Woldman. They’ve carved out a solid niche on the scene, churning out top-notch tracks on various labels. Here, they’ve raised the bar once again with a super tight, prog mover, setting the stage for a peak time display. Driven by expertly crafted drum arrangements and strong, deep-rooted basses, the track gathers momentum effortlessly, taking us to the next level. An edgy vibe caresses the groove with the vocal bringing balance and taking us deeper, sublime stuff.

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