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The dynamic duo return to Progrez with another of their deep techno offerings, this time around they give us the superb three track EP – Specterman. Jon ManimaL & Magros aka MetrONomes remain a constant force within our Progrez imprint and their last outing – Mistique set this in stone and gained fantastic support from across the board, their work also appears on many compilations, They consistently provide quality mixes for Bonzai Basik Beats on a regular basis as well as DJing at various venues. Always an exciting time when they drop new beats our way and we look forward to much more in the future.

Specterman gets right down to business with a solid, bassy groove that will give the subs work to do. A dark techno flavour emerges from this groove as strong punchy kicks lead the way with a rumbling bass in tow. Crispy hats slice through the low frequencies while surreal FX litter the background. An air of intensity creeps in taking the sound even deeper. A relentless monster that will tear up any floor no doubt.

Underwater takes us on an energetic ride through the techno sound as a solid rolling bassline powers the track with a tight drum arrangement providing the backup. Cool rhythmic shaking hats will keep the feet shuffling as we find ourselves totally locked on to the groove. Fantasy driven pads and strings lurk around creating a cosmic atmosphere that gets the imagination working. Excellent stuff yet again from these guys and a must have track in the box.

Zougla intros with a nice thumping kick drum alongside cool hats and percussions. A deep rumbling bass starts to fade in and pretty soon we find ourselves hooked into this techno monster. The techno grooves ooze out of the sound and get a boost by the upbeat structure of the drums. Strange, eerie FX go off throughout the sound add cool textures full of imagination. A super solid workout that offers little respite, this is a must have.

#metronomes #progrez

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Russian producer Starodumov Vladimir aka Skyio debuts on Bonzai Elemental with the tripped out vibes of Exoplanet. Ever since he was a child, Starodumov loved to get a closer look at how things worked, he stripped equipment down and explored sound by tweaking knobs just to see what they would do. He studied piano at music school which gave him the skills to hunt down and refine new melodies. In today’s modern processes of music-making this knowledge has gave him a greater understanding of music which he then transforms into his own compositions. He got his first release on Freedom Recordings in 2009 and gained a lot of attention with his fresh approach and in 2011 he released on Only One Records which got great support on radio shows and DJ sets alike. A highly gifted artist we hope to see more from in the future.

Exoplanet intros with a cosmic theme that places you somewhere in the vast chasm of space with bright sounds floating all around to the backdrop of a constant pad that lingers beautifully. A superb synthetic drum roll takes us into the track proper and reveals a tight breakbeat pattern with gritty synths and basses coming through. Strikingly sharp plucks add wonderful textures to the sound as various short arp riffs come through. A fantastic slice of downtempo, chill that will get your imagination working overtime.

Magnitude eases into existence with broken up drums alongside a soft spoken vocal before a riser FX takes us to the main section filled with cool drum patterns and a beautiful string solo. The strings stand out brilliantly in contrast to the harsh drums and deep low end basses. Superb stuff that takes you on a thought provoking journey.

#skyio #bonzaielemental

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Russian based DJ and producer Anton Vishniakov aka Rise and Fall returns to Bonzai Progressive with another of his spine tingling deep prog monsters – Open System, which comes backed up with two superb remixes. Over the last few years he has been responsible for some memorable remixes as well as a few of his own cuts which have gained a lot of support. His last two outings on remix duty was for Phi Phi’s Hiccup and Audio Noir’s Wunderschong on his Almost Famous Reworked Volume 3, both of which gained a lot of support and features. We last got a taste of his own works with Immersion back in February 2015 and based on that we know we’re in for a real treat yet again.

The Original Mix gets down to business with a charging kick drum that packs a lot of punch with a little help from a rising bass that starts to roll along with an energetic draw. Cool drum and percussion layers form up and settle the track into a nice flowing rhythm. Sweeping FX and dark synths join in and give the track a bit of meat in readiness for an epic ride. An in-your-face synth line opens up and locks you right into the groove as that bass hypnotizes. On the break we are set into a surreal world that takes on an intense vibe as those synths start to wind up once more. Another top notch slice from this guy which will definitely turn a few heads.

The on fire and very much in demand Rick Pier O’Neil steps up to the remix desk and puts one hell of a remix in true RPO style. Having started to DJ at just 14, he soon found he had an addiction to sound and went on to be a sound engineer with his first studio at just 16. Working with major labels he built a solid rep and gained Billboard success. Since 2006 he has delivered a vast amount of quality releases on top labels including Joof Recordings, Clinique Recordings, Suffused Music and his own RPO Records. He has also seen much of his work appear on many Bonzai compilations over the last couple of years. On the remix he takes us deep into the progressive world and holds us there without mercy. Right from the off we get caught up in the depth this track offers. A solid pulsating bass resonates right through the sound as sweeping pads and scathing synths cause havoc in the higher frequencies. On the short breakdowns we get an ear crunching synth that rises to its climax and slams us back into full on mode. To keep this one in check we have a tight drum arrangement with a powerful kick on top that will definitely keep the floors moving.

Leon Krasich is up next with his remix which takes a leaning towards Techno with its hypnotic groove and superb punchy kicks that stand out beautifully. Leon’s last outing – Melancholy, back in September 2015 saw great support and showed off his deeper side. Here he delivers the goods once more, a totally mesmerising experience complete with hypnotic basses and that fantastic kick that just keeps you wanting more. The bass line probes deep into your soul and shows no mercy while in the background we find pitching strings that offer cool contrasts in the sound. A cool display of FX adds wonderful textures to the groove that is shored up by a tight drum workout complete with a smooth rhythm section. The break goes deeper as a droning bass is let loose with FX going off all around, a surreal sequence ensues which is broken by the return of those brilliant kicks. Excellent stuff that will be a welcome addition in any late night session.

#riseandfall #bonzaiprogressive #rickpiero’neil #leonkrasich

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Founded in 2004, Abity aka Argentinean DJ’s and producers Jose Duque and Bruno Signorelli debut on Bonzai Progressive with Anachronistic which comes backed up with Aeroplane in Original and Dub flavours. Over the years they have plied their trade with top quality releases on labels such as Cherry Drop Records, Spring Tube, Baroque Records and Armada Music. Their similar tastes has allowed their style to evolve, a blend of progressive house and minimalist techno elements certainly makes for interesting listening. Delighted to have this duo on board and we look forward to more of their sounds in the future.

Anachronistic intros with a muted kick with a fading in guitar riff that provides the perfect platform for the layers to build. The kick drum gets beefed up into a solid punchy affair as cool percussions deliver a nice flowing rhythm. A deep bass line growls through the sound as various FX layers are added that brings out some cool textures. The track becomes very musical as subtle melodies flirt deep within the groove. On the break we get a good dose of that hypnotic riff alongside some rich pads before we head straight back into full on progressive house mode. Top notch stuff and the perfect fodder for any late night prog set.

The Original Mix of Aeroplane sets off with a nice thumping kick drum alongside deep smooth chords and a superb drum arrangement that throws out all kinds of rhythmic patterns. The track settles itself into a solid deep house groove with a little help from a fantastic walking bass that offers up a laid back feel. Cool vocals float effortlessly through the sound and are the perfect match for the melancholic elements. A wonderful synth lead teases its way into the arrangement giving the track a lift, but it’s those deeper tones that rule here. The Dub Mix strips away the vocal resulting in a totally tripped out vibe you will not want to miss.

#abity #bonzaiprogressive

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Mash aka Glasgow based DJ and producer Martyn Henderson debuts on Piston with the fantastic Melted. For more than 20 years Martyn has also broadcasted and written within the dance music scene. He is the House Music editor for Mixmag and he also writes his column Mash Hits for the Sunday Mail (UK). Over the years he has graced the decks at many top venues around the UK and he boasts a vast discography including original works and remixes. His writing has brought him together with some of the biggest names in dance music including Underworld, Moby, Groove Armada and Josh Wink to name just a few. His sounds have appeared on labels like Toolroom, Bulletdodge, Glasgow, House and Love and many more. So much more to come from this guy and we are delighted to have him on board at Piston.

Melted eases into existence with a real sense of deep as soft kicks are met with a distant hum and building percussions. A wonderfully lush and warm bass comes through and settles the track into a smooth house groove. In the background we find swelling pads mixed with haunting voices that add a great character to the sound as we journey ever deeper. The break reveals subtle melodic flavours that add cool contrast to the darker elements and blend in perfectly with those swirling pads and voices. Top notch stuff from Mash that is a definite must have track.

Jeep House dishes out a nice and solid tech groove right the from the off as those punchy kicks get to work with a little help from some cool percussive elements that build up nicely delivering steady rhythms. The tech flavours just drip off this sound as the bass hangs in the groove while cool vocals pop up throughout. The big focus here has got to be that tight drum and percussion arrangement which really delivers on the rhythm front and will definitely keep those feet shuffling to the floors. Superb stuff here that you will not want to miss.

#mash #pistonrecordings

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Fabio Andrea Petrini aka Sween makes a welcome return to Green Martian with the superb two tracker entitled – Transport. His last GM outing was back in April 2015 with Neutron which quickly gained a lot of attention.

Transport gets things moving with a pacey tempo filled with a solid kick drum and nice, crispy shuffling hats. Probing basses find their way through the sound and lay down a superb progressive groove. Cool voices float through and are joined by a building synth line that hypnotizes alongside some fantastic rattling percussions. An intensity creeps into the track as rich strings ebb and flow leaving behind a kaleidoscope of colour and wonderfully textured sounds. Excellent stuff here that you will definitely want in your playlist.

Autocoscienza intros with a smooth kick drum that packs a lot of low end giving it an almost laid back feel. Extremely cool percussions fade in and bring a surreal twist to the sound and in the background we feel the bass start to bubble up. A maelstrom of bells creates a chaotic picture that really gets right in under your skin. In a surprising twist we get hit with some brilliant chord stabs that seem to fit right in on the chaos surrounding them. An absolute stomper that will turn a few heads for sure.

#sween #greenmartian

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Bulgarian DJ and producer Momo Dobrev debuts on SRUR with the superb tech house fuelled monster – Jungle, which comes backed up with a fantastic remix from Dr Mabuze. He started to produce music in 2009 and quickly moved on to DJing having secured lots of gigs around his hometown. With a passion for what he was doing and the drive to achieve he soon had his own label – Phraser Records. A hugely popular artist in Bulgaria, this guy has numerous releases over a number of top labels. Delighted to have him on board at SRUR and we hope to see more soon from this talented guy.

The Original Mix gets moving with a classic punchy kick and crispy hat combo complete with sharp claps. You get a tech house vibe right away from the background FX that linger on the intro. A deep, strolling bassline kicks in and sends the track into overdrive on the groove front. Those tight percussions keep the rhythm steady as the techness starts to overflow with various FX layering up. The breakdown is a surreal affair with the FX staying at the forefront to the backdrop of mysterious swirling pads before we get churned back into the main track for the duration. Top notch stuff.

Dutch DJ and producer Dr Mabuze returns to the SRUR shores with a wonderful tech remix. His last outing – Universe EP – back in the summer of 2015 gained a lot of support on the circuit. The remix intros with a shuffling hat and percussion sequence that sets the rhythm up nicely and will surely get the feet moving on the floors. A nice chunky kick comes in alongside an equally chunky bassline that powers the track on effortlessly. Those tight drums are a big focus here the track is given a boost with some cool vocals and simple one shot instrument hits. A superb slice of tech house that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#momodobrev #soundsrusrecordings #drmabuze

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Alexey Lisin returns to BP with the delectable Try My soul which features the stunning vocal talent of Alexandra Pride and comes with three superb remixes that deliver a variety of moods. Alexey surely knows how to turn on the progressive neurons, his last outing – Gloss, also featured a strong vocalist and gained a lot of support across the board. Russian singer-songwriter Alexandra Pride exudes elegance with her sultry vocals and is finding her voice make its way into many hearts, a special talent who will be making waves for years to come.

The Original mix of Try My Soul delivers a deep and moody sound, the perfect track to kick back to. The track opens with a nice full kick drum that rattles along to the backdrop of some real smooth, soft pads before Alexandra’s vocals take over and lull us into its sultry core. Cool drum patterns accompany the vocal perfectly and both simply melt into each other while sharper instruments paint a warm colourful glow. A very thought provoking track that will set your imagination free.

Up first on remix duty we have Australia’s own Audio Noir and his Another Audio Noir Safari. Having recently released his album Artificial Star – and his Almost Famous Reworked remix package, this guy just never lets up on the quality front. Here he settles the track into a solid progressive workout right from the off with a little help from that superb, chugging bass line that is joined by a tight drum section and beautiful cascading melodies that float across the background. The vocal is used to perfection here and is manipulated in a way that gives it a much more club feel. A relentless groove that will definitely keep the floor moving all night long.

Alexey takes to the remix desk himself and offers up his Lisin Remix which intros with a nice crispy hat arrangement with a sharp clap on the second beat while warm atmospheric pads control the background. Little snippets of vocal creep through alongside a very cool electric guitar. Punchy kicks set the track off on its progressive course and are soon joined by the grooviest bass line that will get those booty’s shakin on the floors no doubt. The break reveals more of the vocal which really captivates and holds you in its grip until the full on mix comes back to get us moving once more. Top notch stuff that you will not want to miss.

Belgian legendary DJ and producer Nico Parisi is up next with his fantastic remix. Nico’s recent outing Cacaooh turned a few heads and here he offers no respite as we are led deep into the progressive sound with a solid groove to hold us down and keep those feet shuffling. A raft of quality remixes have also kept this guy on top of his game recently with no sign of letting up. A resident of the famous Atmoz for a number of years he is headlining an Atmoz 19 year celebration this October at Area V in Hasselt. Nico’s own sound has developed over the years and has brought in a slight mellow vibe which is evident here as the background atmospherics really give the track a deep and meaningful groove. Huge throbbing basses cause a stir and are joined by a tight drum arrangement which is complimented by echoed vocal snippets that tease throughout. All over the track we find little flutters of guitar and melodic flares that add some wonderful textures to the sound. Another fine slice from this guy and a definite must have track.

#alexeylisin #alexandrapride #bonzaiprogressive #audionoir #lisin #nicoparisi

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Based out of Mexico City, Maria Letona and Ivan Lopez-Arechiga aka Seconds mark their Bonzai debut with the floor shaking The Bass. With a couple of releases throughout their career, this relatively new project has been able to earn a solid spot in the local Mexican scene as DJ’s and also as producers. Since 2012 they have raised their profile as DJ’s and have been sharing the stage with artists like Aeroplane, Fred Falke, Philip Gorbachev, Chrome Sparks and others. Their tracks have seen releases on labels like Noiselab Records and Sicario Music. Lots more to come from this exciting duo and we’re delighted to have them on board.

First up we have Dippin’ My which offers a dark cinematic intro with swelling pads before a nice and punchy kick come through. Those pads really set the scene for a dark progressive groove as they ebb and flow across the sound. Tight drums layer up and the rhythm gets moving before we get right into the heart of the sound. The pads fade away and the bass line takes full control of the groove with a pulsating power that dominates. Superb retro style vocals are brought in and stand out perfectly. The break brings those pads back alongside some cool synths and vocals as a riser takes us to the climax and back into full swing. A monster tune here that will be a killer on the floors for sure.

To The Bass is up next and comes in two flavours, the first being the Vocal Mix. A bas heavy sound is evident right from the off as a throbbing low end sub bass reverberates through the sound as chunky kicks, shuffling hats and cool synths are layered up. The lead sound filters beautifully around the track and offers a big focus point. A superb spoken vocal comes in and gives the track a boost as that bass line rattles along. The Dub Version removes the vocal if that’s your bag and offers the same deep progressive grooves as before. Top notch stuff that will be a must have tool in your box.

Ha Llegado El Dia intros with a big and brash persona as chunky kicks and banging snappy snares make the sound stand out. In the background we get a sweeping bass drone that fills the scene brilliantly with short filtered edges. the bass line proper delivers a solid workout that drives the track on and is soon joined by a cool Spanish vocal. A deep and dark groove ensues before the track breaks and reveals a bright piano melody which crops up throughout offering a respite. Surreal melodic phrases float across the sound with a subtlety that keeps the track firmly rooted in the darker recesses. Excellent stuff that will surely find its way into a late night session.

#seconds #bonzaiprogressive

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Manchester, UK DJ and producer Charlie Pearson debuts on Piston with the fantastic two tracker Trojan Sendout. Charlie burst onto the scene in September 2015 with the brilliant Tech House monster Sent Under on Criminal Hype and quickly grabbed our and many others’ attention. Delighted to have him on board and we look forward to some exciting times ahead.

Trojan Sendout intros with a scathing scraping sound alongside super crispy closed hats and a powerful punchy kick that dominates. Cool vocal one shots pop up and offer a cool vibe to the sound before the phattest, grooviest bass line takes over and forces your body to rock to its beat. The vocals become more prominent and deliver a nice retro vibe giving the track an upbeat mood. It’s that bass line that commands the most here though and will surely be a definite floor filler.

Gotta Have More Cowbell sets off with an upbeat vibe in mind as a nice and chunky kick drum gets us in the mood. Cool shuffling hats give us a smooth rhythm before a monster bass line comes through and totally dominates with its groovy moves and fancy flares. Quirky spoken vocals are welcomed and keep the rhythm upbeat as the drums start to really kick in with a tight formation. A the title suggests we get a healthy dosing of cowbells that stand out well in the sound. The bass line goes through a wonderful mutation at the break as it morphs into a blistering acid line that peaks and troughs before settling back into a deep tech groove. Top notch stuff here that is not to be missed.

#charliepearson #pistonrecordings

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Monog Records gets ready to celebrate 5 years of music, and to mark this tremendous milestone we have put together some of its finest moments, all wrapped up in a tasty package filled with deep grooving house and techno. From the outset Monog’s goal was as simple as can be, to make quality music without focusing on the genre or style, this still rings true today. In September 2015 the label reached its 50th quality cut and the future looks good for another half century with head honcho Joal at the helm. 5 Years Side-By-Side features track and remixes from talented artists including Dominic Smith, Luis Bravo, Kruno Kereta, Eat Dust, HedUbble, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, E-Klash, Alan Castro, Tito Ferreira, Oliver Maier, Roland’Sousa and of course Joal. Come and join us in our celebration with tracks that are guaranteed to get your party into full swing.

#monogrecords #dominicsmith #luisbravo #e-klash #joal #titoferreira #dominicsmith #olivermaier #luisbravo #jazzmanwax #ibanmontoro #krunokereta #alancastro #roland’sousa #hedubble #eatdust

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Bonzai & Friends’ second instalment is a celebration of 2 decades of music of one of the world’s most renowned, pioneering labels Bonzai Progressive – formerly Bonzai Trance Progressive. As we approach our 500th release we decided to create something that will go down in the history books and stand as a showcase to what we have become over the years. We’ve enlisted the talents of an army of top notch producers to help us along the way and these artists have been tasked to create 50 brand new tracks and remixes, tracks that will only be found on this exclusive celebration compilation. For more info about this release go to

#bonzaiprogressive #mattholliday #manuriga #airwave #john00fleming #phiphi #roddyreynaert #manuriga #matancaspi #eastcafe #riseandfall #loquai #audiostorm #thorin #yuriyfromrussia #rickpieroneil #ruslanvashkevich #relaunch #stevesai #audionoir #inkfish #tribalwarriors #alexeylisin #alexandrapride #crocy #berbush #alexvidal #alfonsomuchacho #philthychit #samotarev #jamiebaggotts #nicoparisi #paulkardos #cjart #hadytarek #kevinvega #mathov #anuragnandvanshi #jonnycalypso #mendexx #altek #blufeld #emlab #jakhira #abi-q #platunoff #djfire #chrisharris #adammartin #rishik #houselovincriminals #deuzler #metronomes

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