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Russian DJ and producer Ruslan Vashkevich is back with the impressive Bodhisattva. Last time out we saw Ashuar gain a lot of support and no doubt this one will be no exception. The original mix of Bodhisattva intros with a punchy kick as sweeping FX cascade in the background. Subtle percussive elements come through as winding synths fade in along with a superb, deep rolling bassline that drives the groove beautifully. The track settles into a deep progressive vibe that really grabs a hold of you and locks you in with its obsessive qualities. On the break that bassline takes over and hypnotises as it fades in and out to the backdrop of eerie synths and distant spoken vocal. A nod to the hedy days of progressive here that will definitely grab the attention of many jocks no doubt.

The Breakz mix offers up a much tougher outing to its more subdued sibling. Huge break beats dominate alongside a driving bassline that is beefed up with accompanying sub bass and gritty synths. The percussive elements take the frantic approach as they get right up in your face and keep the rhythm on solid ground. A nice deviation from four to the floor that will get any room energised.

#ruslanvaskevich #bonzaiprogressive

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Irish DJ and producer Cerillo, returns to Piston with Make You Shake. We got our first look back in February 2015 when he unleashed the very well received Hold Tight, which also got a feature on Bonzai Progressive’s Ibiza 2015. With a proven track record on various other labels we have no doubt that this time around we are in for an ass shakin time.

Make You Shake intros with a pounding kick and crystal clear, sharp hats that cut a swath through the powerful bassdrums. A deep, meandering bassline comes through and guides the track well into the deeper realms of house music as cool vocal shots are let loose on the groove. Full bodied chord stabs fade through and bring intoxicating textures along the way. A relentless and hard hitting affair that will definitely deserve a spot in your box.

What I Want comes to life with a cool display of percussions and a distant low end tone fades in slowly before being joined by a superb kick that gets the track on its feet. The bright, open hats become an obsessive trait throughout the sound and hold the dominant position. That bass sits perfectly and delivers a solid groove as cool sweeping pads bring in the house flavours. Wonderfully textured layers are formed using short vocal hits and subtle melodic keys making this a must have cut.

#cerillo #pistonrecordings

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Sa.Du delivers another of his gems on Bonzai Basiks with La Musique M’Appelle. This guy remains a very popular figure around the Basiks office with a string of top notch cuts stretching back to 2012. His last outing, Breakfast, gained a lot of support as well as top spots on many charts. Always great to see his creations land in our inbox and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more in the future.

La Musique M’Appelle intros with a spooky, ghostly vibe as eerie synths are joined by a haunting spoken vocal. We soon get thrust into the superb deep tech grooves with a fantastic punchy kick and probing bassline that really ramps the energy levels up a notch. Cool techno filled stabs litter the groove as that sultry vocal continues to deliver its narrative. Tight drum arrangements come through and the rhythm stays solid throughout. Very cool twists on the break where much more melodic chords are introduced before we get slammed right back into the main track for the duration. Wonderfully crafted track that will be a sure fire hit among many.

I Am Drunk sets off with a long, captivating pad to the backdrop of a hypnotic metallic bass sound. Nice and phat kicks soon take over and a tight percussion section joins in. In the background we get some sinister sounding vocals to raise the tension and a myriad of sound descends onto our senses and we soon get lost in the maelstrom . After a short respite on the break that track sneaks into a full on techno fest with a superb synth and probing bassline that will definitely have any floor get on the move. Excellent stuff.

#sadu #bonzaibasiks

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DJ and producer Leon Krasich debuts on Progrez with the superb Buddha The World EP. Leon is the proprietor of the deep and moody Ahnenerbe Records for which he has released a swathe of top notch cuts. He has also seen his work released on minim,all, Frequenza, Share Records and Lethal Dose with great support coming in from all over. Aside from offering up brilliant musical textures, Leon’s tagline is simple, ‘fill the world with happiness…’, now that is something we can get on board with.

Hollany intros with a nice and smooth deep vibe as punchy kicks are joined by a mesmerizing synth drone. The bassline grabs all the attention as it plods along with a deep progressive prowess that will get any floor moving. Tight drums layer up and bring a solid rhythm to the sound as that long synth note prevails. Cool vocal one shots are littered throughout adding character to the sound. A series of short breaks offer up a little respite in this powerful driving groove. An epic monster of a track which will definitely get a showing on many sets for sure.

Buddha The World opens with a haunting array of sounds that captivate before being joined by a sinister deep vocal and a brilliant punchy kick. A strong, powerful bass bubbles up from the depths as the drums begin to layer up. We are drawn deep into the vibe with those infectious sounds that just seem to go on forever. On the break the intensity rises, which is no surprise given the nature of the vibe, leading us back into the main track for the duration. One hell of a ride into the deeper side of prog that you will not want to miss.

Miracle Of Creation sets off with a very cool kick that leaves a little bit of release on the end to great effect. This is coupled with a rhythmic, shuffling percussion that brings a little brightness to the darker vibe. The bassline probes with a deep rooted prowess that will get the bassbins firmly warmed. Gritty vocals come through on the break which also throws up some outstanding pads and sound FX. Another monster of a tune that will turn a few heads no doubt.

#leonkrasich #progrez

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Russian artist Sergei Spatz debuts on Green Martian with the fantastic Aquarius EP. From an early age Sergei was fond of art and after graduating from art school he got the idea to make music. In 2009 he released his first track called Berlin Calling under his first alias, Pierrot. After a short break away from music he came back and began producing for labels like ADRO Records, Aeriform Records, Terracotta , BC2, Mistique Music, OLD SQL Recordings and Deep Blue Eyes. He quickly gained a lot of support and respect from worldwide artists such as Following light, Ewan Rill, Magnetic Brothers, Loquai, AquAdro, Milos Miladinovic, Stanisha, Julian Rodriguez, Scotty.A, German Angeleri and many others, a fine asset to have and one which we are excited about.

Aquarius sets out with a nice smooth vibe complete with a warm low end bass and soft kicks alongside an array of bright percussions. Sweeping pads fill the background as cool plucked strings linger. A real deep groove ensues and gives off a melancholic vibe that hypnotizes beautifully. Purely blissful deep progressive house that will definitely get on playlists all over.

Scales eases into existence with soft pads that cascade beautifully across the sound alongside subtle percussions. Tight drum layers begin to form and the solid deep vibe takes hold. An array of cosmic sounds are littered right throughout the track as a deep droning bass shores up the low end. On the break some cool noisy stabs come through as a haunting melody tries to break through. Super tight arrangement that you will not want to miss out on.

#sergeispatz #greenmartian

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Naples based DJing and producing duo Benito Rispoli and Giacomo De Falco deliver the third release on Skull & Tones with the sharp and scathing Techno vibes of 384 Street. Both of these young producers have been big into music from an early age, Benito embraced all forms of music and at age 11 he started listening to the likes of Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos. After gaining the skills needed to DJ he went on to producing and in 2013 he got his first release on Chucky Records. Other labels include Teksession Records, Uranobeat Records, JJ Records, Urban Tribes and Maisons. Giacomo started out with a firm grasp of Techno and Minimal, he strived to organise parties in his hometown and soon found himself at some top clubs. 2013 saw him enter the producing world and he has since seen releases on many labels including ADSR Records, In Dushe, Sound Vessel, Cubek, Blackpoint Records and Async Records. Although still young these guys are having a big impact on the scene and we are delighted to have them on board.

384 Street is a tough and edgy straight up Techno cut filled with raw, urbanised sounds and stomping beat to groove out to. Right from the get go the tight drums will have the floors shakin and when you throw in that pulsing bass then the party really gets started. Cool vocals are added that enhance the urban vibe as well as some fantastic organic sounds. Top notch stuff you will need in your box.

Platinum intros with an in your face drum section that pumps out a tough beat alongside a cool bass that just seems to glide over the sound with a little help from fantastic FX work. The big focus remains on those drum patterns and rhythmic percussions as they provide the backbone of the groove. A deep and sinister vocal crops up and takes us on a darker route which will be perfect for those late night gatherings. Superb stuff that will definitely grab your attention.

#benitorispoli #giacomodefalco #skull&tones

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Straight off the back of our last release by Berlin based Justin Massei and the label’s debut at the legendary Watergate club, Selador Recordings continues it’s Berlin love-in with an EP by another producer based in the city, Joal. The Portuguese DJ is no stranger to the label with a remix for Climbers and an original production on the last Showcase compilation already under his belt. But now the relationship is consummated with the EP you have in your hands. Featuring two brand new original productions in the shape of Uncover to Discover and Exercise plus two top flight remixes courtesy of Marc DePulse and Supernova, its yet another top drawer package from your favourite label.

#joal #selador #marcdepulse #supernova

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Airwave returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic, A touch Of Grace. He last appeared here on remix duty for Fatal Error’s Angel’s Arms which went down a treat among many. Previously, in 2014, he released a lot of tracks on BP alongside Phi Phi and others as well as a raft of cuts on Joof Recordings. Also, in the last few years, Laurent has upped his live appearances having played at gigs across the world from Canada to India and the UK to his homeland in Belgium. A truly prolific artist of this age and we are sure there will be plenty more from this guy.

First up we have the Original Mix of A Touch Of Grace which lives up to its name with a smooth, graceful intro filled with punchy kicks, building percussions and warm sweeping pads. A touch of eastern promise is added with subtle plucked strings leading the way. We are soon wrapped up and totally locked into the sound as a wonderfully rich vocal takes over and captivates while raising the hairs on the back of your neck. The music takes on a progressive trance persona as a driving, chugging bass keeps the energy levels up. Tough and gritty acid lines weave their way through contrasting melodic strings and gated synths. A truly complex structure that melds together beautifully resulting in a definite dance floor destroyer.

The Deep And Dark Mix of A Touch Of Grace is up next and takes us in a slightly different direction. Big and powerful kicks sit alongside a myriad of percussions and provide the intro which builds up with a crescendo into a deep, driving groove. A superb low end bassline holds the track up perfectly as gritty lines begin to form up all around. An Eastern flavour is evident with those beautiful melodic plucks and captivating raspy vocals. Intensity rises with every phrase and new sounds added that take us further into the groove before a short respite on the break that unleashes more of those sweet melodies. Another epic monster from Airwave that will set floors alight all over.

Reus Calling sets off with a cool drum led intro that sets out a solid rhythm complete with nice chunky kicks. In the background, very subtle, haunting voices can be heard which are soon overlayed by much richer pads and strings. A cool melodic synth comes through and sets the scene for an epic ride into an uplifting progressive journey. This is what Airwave is all about, huge intense sounds that feed off each other and forms into an engrossing soundscape that you do not want to end. Definitely a big floor stomper here, you need this in your box.

#airwave #bonzaiprogressive

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Belgian DJ and producer K-Fel returns to Bonzai Progressive with this superb two tracker entitled Papyrus. Back in May 2014 saw his debut, Pantheon, gain a lot of support due to the purity of his progressive grooves and we have no doubt that this one will follow suit. Papyrus intros with a deep droning bass note and cool FX as a rising synth takes us up to meet a tight drum arrangement filled with dirty beats and crispy hats. A deep bass twists and turns through the groove as winding synth stabs deliver that big room flavour. Lots of cool textures deliver a solid construction that takes an example from various styles, a big floor hitter for sure.

Necropole intros with a nice solid punchy kick and slicing hats combi. A rising FX takes us up to a strong offbeat bass that takes control of the groove as sweeping pads and cool melodies filter through providing a warm feeling that washes over you. An expertly crafted slice of progressive house that will be a welcome addition in any box.

#k-fel #bonzaiprogressive

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Debut appearance on Piston for Groove Apartment with the two tracker, Sound Of Soul. Sound Of Soul intros with a super smooth bass note that glides across a tight drum arrangement filled with crystallized hats and a nice chunky kick. Cool vocal one shots litter the groove as a lush deep house chord is introduced. Bright and cheerful melodies stand out in contrast to the deeper elements and provide a playful dance floor friendly vibe. A real nice and upbeat slice of deep house with some very cool 80’s samples running through.

All I Want Is You sets out with a monster kick that dominates with its powerful punch as super crispy hats and claps cut through. The bassline sits on the low end and probes with its groovy prowess as the track breaks to reveal a cool stabby synth. Cool vocal hits come through and deliver a proper groovy house vibe as those chord stabs intensify. On the break crowds cheer as the vocal echoes through before we get back to the main groove for the duration. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

#grooveapartment #pistonrecordings

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