We welcome Greek musician Greg Filaretos aka P4SS3NG3R back to Bonzai progressive with the fantastic Fall With Me which follows his very well-received debut, Desert Wolf. Greg mainly produces psytrance, though he is known to delve into other genres, including progressive house under his P4SS3NG3R alias, trance using his Soundpass moniker and indie dance music under the guise Bellar C alongside vocalist Bellar Chaimov. Through these years he has managed to make remarkable releases and collaborations all over the world. He has one of the most unique and hypnotic progressive sounds, combining influences of trance and techno with haunting melodies and structed basslines. His majestic beats build up the tension on the dance floor adding subtle, yet clearly crafted layers which are instantly recognisable. His productions and remixes manage to keep his signature sound embedded whilst still constantly delivering evolution.

The release opens with the Original Mix which offers up a fluid groove filled with bubbling basslines, warm kick drums and crispy shuffling percussions that create a wide, spirited layer. Subtle melodies lead us to the break where an enchanting vocal takes over alongside lush pads and bright plucks before the main groove returns for the final act. Sher M@n returns to BP on remix duties, following his superb debut – Time Goes By alongside studio partner P4sc4l. He began his career as a DJ in the early 90’s, performing in top Belgian clubs alongside big names such as Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and more. He started to produce his own music in 2020, collaborating with P4sc4l and others from then on. On the remix here, Sher M@n delivers a deeper interpretation with the original sensibilities at its core. Punchy beats and slicing hats lead the way as mesmerizing, offbeat notes rise up. A powerful, chugging bassline takes control of the groove while soft arpeggios add contrast and depth. The break reveals that inviting vocal as bright, trance-like plucks take us to the climax and back to the main groove for the duration.

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