Belgian DJ, producer Moodtronic debuts on Bonzai Progressive alongside Nymeos, with the superb Freedom. Moodtronic is a music addict for whom music is the key factor in his life. His unique vision of electronic music covers a wide spectrum of sound and through the years he has gathered many experiences by playing in clubs such as Café D’Anvers, Club Vaag, Fuse and Illusion. Now, he enters a new realm where he creates his own sounds. Nymeos brings a wealth of experience to the collaboration having released a plethora of tracks in just a few short years. It’s great to have both at BP and we hope to hear more soon.

Moodtronic is joined by Nymeos for the main title track, Freedom, which opens with a pulsating rhythm encapsulated in a mysterious vibe. Dark and moody, warm beats and thick basses are joined by an enchanting vocal that adds depth and character to the groove. On the break, soft melodic phrases come through alongside swelling pads before snappy snare rolls bring us to the climax for the final act. Top-notch stuff, not to be missed. Concluding the release, Moodtronic goes solo on Spirits and brings a hint of nostalgia into the release with a distinct retro progressive vibe. Tight beats and rhythmic percussions keep us moving as hypnotic arpeggios cascade through the groove. Deep, undulating basses are capped with an infectious melodic techno flavour as distant voices catch the imagination. A sublime effort that will not disappoint.

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