We welcome Belgian music maestro PCP aka Pieter Claeys back to Bonzai Progressive with the superb ‘Need To Know’. This one continues a string of quality cuts he’s delivered for us over the last number of years, which is testament to his expertise in the studio. He runs his own label – Rewritable Records and sub-label Vintage Deep, and has worked with a host of top artists. Always a pleasure having him back at Bonzai.

The release opens with the Original Mix which intros with plucky basses and a tight drum arrangement. Vibrant vocals appear, injecting a surge of energy into the groove while deeper sub basses and infectious melodics come through to the backdrop of manicured percussions. Top-notch stuff. DJ, producer Jam Deluxe returns to BP with a solid remix. We last saw him here on remix duties for Greg S’ ‘Desire’ back in 2020. He started producing and mixing in the early 90’s, and he has played alongside top jocks at top venues for many years. On this one he goes deep with his interpretation, focussing on subtle melodies and rumbling basses. Exotic percussions and punchy kicks keep the rhythms flowing while an intensity creeps into the groove thanks to mesmerizing pads and that upfront vocal. Sammir wraps up the release with his debut remix on Bonzai. One of the Disco Dasco DJ’s, he’s played at countless parties over the years, including Pacha, La Rocca, Tomorrowland, Extrema Outdoor and Legacy Festival. He’s also worked with Pieter on several tracks in the past and we’re delighted to have him here. On the remix here, Sammir dishes out a short, sharp dose of club grooves. Tight and punchy beats with flurries of rippling percussions stack up alongside deep plucky basses and snappy synth stabs. The vocal is used beautifully adding character to the groove and making this a definite must have.

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