We welcome Alex & Ajna to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Heroes Rising EP. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he grew up nurtured by musical influences from his parents. For years he studied music, but in 2014 he realized that his true passion is electronic music. Alex left everything to start traveling in search of his dreams, surrounding himself with new landscapes, cultures and submitting himself to the tests Ajna assigned him. Since his earliest memories he has lived with a Spirit named Ajna. This divine soul has taught, helped and protected him since he was a child. Centuries ago, Ajna was a Zen master who helped his people from various threats and today he teaches Alex the basics of meditation, nature and mainly, music. After a long journey of different experiences and learning, they settled in Europe and started their first releases. Together they create a set of atmospheric and progressive sounds, with powerful beats and basses that are accompanied by soulful melodies and percussions. Ajna’s secrets and wisdom are unknown, only Alex knows his story and even to this day he is still learning from him, their connection is still unknown. In the moments of greatest tension, Ajna takes control of Alex’s body, presenting himself with a mask that represents his old life.

Heroes Rising opens the release, conjuring up a sublime progressive groove right from the get go. Driven by a powerful, deep-rooted bassline on a bed of tight beats and rhythmic percussions, the track invites us into a cosmic realm laced with scathing synths and delicate melodics. The break offers respite, tugging on the emotional strings with captivating sounds that climax into a full-on groover that will definitely light up the floors. Resurrection concludes the release, settling us into an epic prog mover which boasts infectious qualities. Punchy kicks and sharp percussions lead the way as a deep, pulsating bassline shores up the low end. Striking synth sequences stand out, creating a wall of sound alongside stunning effects. On the break, a distinct cinematic vibe takes over as we head to the final act on this absolute stomper that is not to be missed.

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