Cypriot artist George Ellinas is back at Green Martian with Hide Away. This is his GM debut after he appeared over on our flagship label Bonzai Porgressive with Illusionize back in 2016. His musical voyage started at a very early age with classical piano lessons and the study of music theory. He then proceeded to study music production at Berklee College of Music in Boston USA, and also one of the major turning points for his music journey was working at the legendary Boston Beat Record Store. As well as being heavily involved in electronic music, George also plays in various bands around the island of Cyprus as a keyboardist. He has been recording music for the last 20 years and has also done arrangement and production work for a number of other artist and also his running his own Record Label Sanille Recordings.

Right from the off Hide Away grabs a hold of your imagination with a super sweet arpeggio melody alongside an uplifting vocal. Tight beats soon follow accompanied by shuffling, rhythmic hi hats and a deep, gritty bassline that dominates the groove. The melodies come along in waves taking us higher and higher. The main hook raises the hairs on the back of your neck as it slices through the deep bass. A top notch cut that will work wonders in the peak time slot.

Metamorphoses intros with subtle percussions that build up to a rolling bassline and hypnotic arpeggio. Chunky beats join is as the bassline takes control alongside layering melodies. Rich pads and beautiful synthetic textures are stacked up as we find ourselves totally hooked on the meaningful groove. A simply stunning production that will light up the floors in any uplifting progressive set, not to be missed.

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