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German DJ and producer Tom Wax returns Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Jippi Jappa which features a solid remix from Matan Caspi. We were delighted with Tom’s debut here – 1 Nation Under 1 Groove – which gained a great following thanks to its retro nature. Tom has always been a leading figure in the electronic music scene in Germany since 1988, he has also inspired a lot of DJ’s and producers around the world with his unique sound. After more than 25 years behind the DJ booth he is still on a mission as he releases tracks on labels such as Great Stuff, Toolroom, CR2, Bitten, Bush, Suara, Armada Deep, Toca 45 and Phuture Wax. At the height of the European techno and trance era, Tom was responsible for a vast number of classics under his Arpeggiators, Microbots and DJ Tom & Norman guises. His tracks found their home on R&S, Harthouse and Overdrive Records. He partnered with Thorsten Adler on AWeX and found international fame with It’s Our Future on Plastic City. Considered with legendary status among his peers, there is so much more this guy has done, we’re delighted to have him back at Bonzai Progressive.

13 August 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


After their much-revered collaboration on Melancholia EP from 2017, Following Light and K.Oshkin get back in the studio once again with the fantastic Return To Sources. Ukrainian born Kirill Guk aka Following Light has remained a constant force in the progressive house world since 2010 having released quality music on a vast selection of labels. His music continues to feature heavily in sets across the globe and he has worked with some top artists along the way. In recent years he has been delivering the goods here at BP and we’ve no doubt he will continue his super run of form. K.Oshkin aka Konstantin Oshkin has racked up an impressive discography that focuses in on quality progressive sounds. His work has been released on various labels including Incepto, Sleepless Nights Recordings, Inmost Records, Aeriform Records and Balkan Connection to name just a few. On top of that he has worked with a raft of top producers and he continues to impress with his forward-thinking ideas and sounds.

13 August 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


The ingenious Oliver Lieb aka L.S.G. is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Cepheid which is taken from his very well received 2017 album – Double Vision. This is the third track to get a single release off the album and is the perfect showcase for this guy and his immense talent. Without doubt one of the most influential figures in electronic music for almost three decades. Since 1988 this guy has been at the cutting edge of electronic music and has seen himself transition between multiple genres, dominating in every one. Oliver is also renowned for his other monikers Paragliders and Spicelab among many others as well as working in several very successful groups. He has released on labels including Superstition, Harthouse, Hooj, JOOF and Platipus as well as our very own XTC, Bonzai Trance Progressive, Tripomatic and Tranceportation. His CV includes a plethora of remixes including Faithless, Moby, Human League and Mory Kante to name a few. In 2010 he started Solieb Digital where he would unleash his back catalogue in re-mastered glory. Always one to watch, so much more to come from this guy.

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DJ Twisty & Andron One aka Enertia-Sound make their Bonzai Progressive debut with the excellent two tracker titled Dr. Smoov. This electronic music act and DJ duo from England, started out as a psychedelic trance project in 2007. They soon made a name for themselves playing in underground raves and psytrance parties called Tantric Resonator as well as Bleeps, Tweaks and Dirty Beats. Since then they have grown into a punchy mix of dancefloor psy and breaks. Their music has strong influences from psy and prog house to breaks with driving funky rhythms, rough basslines, epic melody structures and cinematic build-ups. Great to have them on board.

30 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Ricardo returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker Smog. This one follows his most recent offering over on our Green Martian imprint with Lily, which proved popular among many. Ricardo has been churning out some top-notch tracks for us lately and he has also been appearing on several other labels. His sound always grabs our attention and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more from him in the future.

23 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Techno guru and Bonzai legend Ben Knoxx returns to Bonzai Basiks with another floor stomping techno joint titled Closer, and to keep the legend theme running (CJ Bolland remixed his last effort here) we have the amazing Oliver Lieb stepping in on remix duties.

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Men-D aka Micha Mendel debuts here on Green Martian with the fantastic The Burning Island. Hailing from Romania, this guy has churned out quality progressive vibes on several top labels over the years. He also hosts several radio shows where he showcases his versatility, taking on lots of different genres and styles to bring the best musical experience. Great to have him on board.

23 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Notching up his third Bonzai Progressive release, we welcome back Iga Dep with Phobia which is backed up with three quality remixes. With releases on several imprints over the years, Iga Dep never fails to impress with his unique, dynamic sound. His first two releases on BP proved very popular indeed and we’ve no doubt this one will follow suit.

16 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Russlan returns to Bonzai Progressive after a bit of a break with the fantastic Pomegranate. This one comes a couple of years after his equally superb The Universe Within Us. He has also made appearances on many quality labels such as Green Martian, Mistique Music, Mystic Carousel, BQ Recordings, Green Snake, Innertek Recordings and Deepsessions to name a few He is a modest producer who ‘just makes music’, but we think he is something special and we hope to see more in the future.

16 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Taking you deep into the progressive world once again, we present Afterhour Trax 23. 20 of the finest cuts from our extensive catalogue have been conveniently wrapped in the mega pack to provide the fodder to keep your party rocking. Tracks and remixes from L.S.G., Push, Phi Phi, Manu Riga, Airwave, Cherry, AudioStorm, Alex Vidal, Gai Barone, Rise and Fall, Blufeld, Brlee, Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, JoC H, Rick Pier O’Neil and Antidote among others deliver the goods for our listening pleasure. An outstanding pack that will beef up your collection no doubt.

10 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


One of our long-standing stalwarts – Matan Caspi, returns with another sublime slice titled Rhythm for our listening pleasure and, as if that wasn’t enough, we have a fantastic remix from the legend that is Airwave. It looks a little bit like payback here as Matan recently remixed Laurent’s Rain Upon My Skin, which garnered great support across the board. That remix followed his own Liquid Blue which also proved popular among many. Matan started experimenting with music since he a was little kid, playing the guitar and the keyboard, mostly thanks to his father who pushed him in that direction. He later played in some rock bands before finding electronic music somewhere in late 1999 after hearing a few tracks which really made him think that by producing it you are not dependant on other players and can compose the entire track by yourself. With constant practice on some music production programs he understood that this is what he wanted to do. Since then he has went on to create some stunning music which is championed around the world.

9 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Podgorica based DJ and producer Ognjen Vukovic aka AudioStorm is back with another sublime slice in the form of The Renaissance Sound Of Podgorica which follows his last outing Passenger EP. Ognjen absorbed the sounds of many artists and bands including Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Joy Division, Sting, Simply Red, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield to name but a few and, it was these sounds that shaped his view of electronic music and his unique take. So, by the beginning of the 90s, he turned his attention towards the pioneering electronic bands of the burgeoning underground dance scene and in particular the music that was coming from Goa, India. As his interest in electronic music grew, he began to write his own tracks which are now supported by many of his childhood heroes. He now has releases on multiple labels including the legendary Bonzai Progressive, System and Baroque through to Balkan Connection, Mystique Music and Polytechnic among many others with much more to come for sure.

2 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Ivan Lu debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the impressive Return To The Right Path which features two solid remixes from Ewan Rill and Dofamine. For several years now, Ivan has been shaping his wonderfully unique progressive sound and has appeared on several top labels in the process. He’s also worked with a lot of talented artists during this time including Paul Lennar, Bob The Groove, Following Light and quite a few collabs with Ewan Rill. Great to have him here at BP.

2 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


As we end a very hot Spring we present 20 Summer scorchers to keep the party rocking. Let us take you to the White Isle with our Ibiza 2018 compilation which is chock full of pumping Techno and Tech House to mind blowing Progressive grooves. A host of legends reside within, making this a serious must have collection for your arsenal. Expect tracks and remixes from CJ Bolland, Jam El Mar, L.S.G., Cherrymoon Trax, Jones & Stephenson, Kevin Saunderson, Charlotte De Witte, Airwave, Van Czar, Ken Ishii, Robert Babicz, Tom Wax, Wally Lopez, DJ Looney Tune, DJ Ghost, Ben Knoxx, Matan Caspi, Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert, Stan Kolev, Rise and Fall, Fab Code, Greg S., Rick Pier O’Neil, Chris Micali, Solee, Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza, Metodi Hristov, AudioStorm and more. An impressive selection that will not disappoint.

26 June 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Prolific Belgian artist Manu Riga returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker titled Meine Welt. Manu Riga’s sound has evolved over the years and we have become accustomed to his masterful musical arrangements no matter what style he turns his hand to. The attention to detail is staggering, listening to his tracks you get a true sense of the artist behind the music, of professionalism and skill. This was true in his last outing which was on remix duties for Wolfson’s Too Loose which followed his collaboration with Hypnotised on Out Of Control. Now running his own label – Vesta Records – as well as recording DJ mixes for various radio stations, we know there is still much more to come from this stalwart in progressive house and melodic techno.

25 June 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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