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L.S.G. aka legendary producer Oliver Lieb plucks another beauty from his 2017 album Double Vision. When It’s Dark Outside is the second track to be given a single release and follows the successful Supercycle. What more can we say about this guy, he’s been at the forefront of an ever changing underground music scene for the best part of 30 years. With 13 albums under his belt, plus over 200 EPs on such legendary labels as Harthouse, Superstition, Platipus, Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, Bedrock and Bonzai. He has remixed everyone from stadium-filling acts like Faithless, The Human League, Moby, and Yello, to name a few. He has released quality music under his other guises including Paragliders, S.O.L., The Ambush and more as well as featuring in several groups with other producers. In 2007 he started offering mastering and vinyl-cutting services, updating his studio to allow him to guarantee that both his own productions and those of his clients enjoy the highest possible sound quality. More recently, he founded Solieb Digital, as a platform for releasing remastered versions of his classic material, along with previously unreleased material. As a DJ, he continues to rock some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world. He released mixed CD compilations on Rising High (The Secret Life of Trance Episode 2) Phuture Tech Trance Vol.1 on his imprint Phoolish Rec. and on Bedrock The Audible Suspects. Always one to watch, he never disappoints.

19 February 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Cairo, Egypt based DJ and producer Hady Tarek delivers another fine slice in the form of the three tracker Endless River. Hady launched his DJ career in 2002, when he began arranging his favourite tunes in mix sessions which became very popular among his friends and extended social networks. Due to the popularity of his mixes, he started hosting small parties, where he was enthusiastically received for his track selection skills. After a year of continuous gigs and club nights, he took his mixes to Nile FM, the biggest radio station in Egypt. His first appearance in 2004 brought his music to a wider audience and marked the beginning of a regular guest appearance on the station. In 2005, he played in popular beaches and clubs and he was chosen by Heineken Thirst to play in their Best 12 DJs in Egypt series. On the production front his first release, The Beginning / Time With You EP, came out on Ensonic Digital and was supported by Paul Oakenfold, it received excellent feedback and reached number five in promo pools. Since then he has had several releases on Bonzai Progressive and Green Martian including appearances on many of our compilations. His last outing here was back in 2015 with The Boat Effect and he’s also been our guest on Bonzai Basik Beats on a number of occasions. Nice to have him back and we hope to see more in the future.

19 February 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Crocy and Ashley are back, this time their fantastic 2017 track Passion gets the remix treatment which provide some serious progressive grooves. These two really shine when they get together, something just seems to click and the sound becomes magical. The original release proved popular thanks to Crocy’s lush deep vibes and Ashley’s captivating voice. Crocy has been churning out quality vibes for us and others with impressive results. He joins the Bonzai crew for a night of retro and contemporary sounds at Eskimo Fabriek in Gent on 2nd June 2018, something we are all excited for.

12 February 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Belgian DJ and producer Karim Sghaier aka Karim S returns to BP with the fantastic Cirao which is backed up with a solid remix from fellow countryman Manu Riga. Karim started out with his musical career in the early 1990’s singing and acting in theatre while also learning the piano and synthesizer, nourishing his love of music. He also began to buy his first records and shortly thereafter was inspired by Chicago house music, Detroit techno and Mayday (Germany). He soon started to DJ at many parties in his local area before breaking out and playing all over Belgium. This brought him to Topradio’s Gemini show every Tuesday evening before picking up his first residency at Bassment In Motion and Underground Techno Party. He is currently the resident at DJ Amnesia concept and spins on Boomerang FM radio (France) and RQC radio. He has appeared on stage with many top jocks including Caulde Young, Marco Bailey, Derrick May, Future303, Mr Sam, Octave One, Marco Remus, John Jammin, Collins and Dash & Dry. During his sets he showcases his DJ skills by using three decks while using a Roland TR-909 drum machine. With an impressive release count which will no doubt grow, we’re delighted to have him back.

12 February 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Rick Pier O’Neil returns to BP while Chris Gavin debuts here with the fantastic two tracker entitled Lost Elements. No strangers to each other, Rick and Chris co-own Art&Fact Records and Chris also worked on RPO Records. Chris’ music has been championed by many top jocks and producers over the years and his style of producing music always delivers a unique flavour. Rick has given us some top notch quality cuts and he remains a very much revered figure in the music production world. He’s provided several quality remixes and original works in the last couple of years to Bonzai Progressive and his Terra Veteris track alongside Manu Riga was greatly received on the scene. Great to have both guys on board.

5 February 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Downgrooves and Chris Sterio debut on Bonzai Progressive with a super deep progressive offering in the form of Zen Moments which comes backed up with two quality remixes. Mario & Eric J make up Downgrooves and they are an established progressive house production team based out of Dallas, Texas. They have been producing music for over 20 years, with releases on labels such as Mistique Music, Armada, Incepto Music, Source of Gravity, Musicon, 7 Seas Digital, 7 Seas NuWave and many more. The pair also host the Source of Gravity Radio show on Proton Radio and they continue to make modern house, techno and progressive that can be described as melodic, atmospheric, lush and deep, built on the solid foundations of house grooves. Isle Of Man based DJ and producer Chris Sterios brings his wealth of experience to this one and, having worked with Downgrooves on previous projects, we can see how this trio of artists just clicks into place creating a superior quality sound. Chris has also worked on Source of Gravity as well as Gravitation and more recently Soundscapes Digital. A veteran with over 15 years in the progressive scene, we’re delighted to have him and Downgrooves here at BP.

5 February 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Estonia based Kristjan Koemets is back on Green Martian with another colourful trip into progressive in the form of his newest slice entitled Slowly Drifting Into The Night EP. It was back in 2015 when we last saw him with his Observers EP. Prior to this he had cuts on Green Martian in 2010 and on Progrez in 2008 with Old Castle then in 2009 with Reflective EP. Remixes also came thick and fast during this period for artists such as Blufeld, Arto Kumanto, Joost Glazenburg, L.A.V.I, D.E.E.P and Zakat Project. Great to see this guy back at the helm and we hope to see more in the future.

5 February 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Gabriel and Ricardo return to Bonzai Progressive with another sublime slice featuring two original tracks and accompanied by two solid remixes. The guys have settled in extremely well here at Bonzai with multiple quality releases to show for their efforts. Their last effort – Miocen, was followed by several appearances on compilations as well as top notch remixes for other artists including Matan Caspi and Doriaan. They have been working together now for a few of years now and they’ve racked up quite an impressive release count on many top labels including Electrified Mindz, Krata, Dlimited, Egothermia, Zero and many more. They also enjoy DJing at various venues where they dish out their own brand of deep prog and infectious techno. They also branch out on solo runs from time to time, both have seen releases on various other labels. A highly talented pairing no doubt, we always look forward to new material from these two.

29 January 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


German DJ and producer Tom Wax debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the infectious 1 Nation Under 1 Groove which will most definitely get the retro taste buds watering. Tom Wax has always been a leading figure in the electronic music scene in Germany since 1988, he has also inspired a lot of DJ’s and producers around the world with his unique sound. After more than 25 years behind the DJ booth he is still on a mission as he releases tracks on labels such as Great Stuff, Toolroom, CR2, Bitten, Bush, Suara, Armada Deep, Toca 45 and Phuture Wax. At the height of the European techno and trance era, Tom was responsible for a vast amount of classics under his Arpeggiators, Microbots and DJ Tom & Norman guises. His tracks found their home on R&S, Harhouse and Overdrive Records. He partnered with Thorsten Adler on AWeX and found international fame with It’s Our Future on Plastic City. Considered with legendary status among his peers, there is so much more this guy has done, we’re delighted to have him on board at Bonzai Progressive.

29 January 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


30 months on from Bonzai’s first (Airwave-helmed) ‘Progressive Sessions’, Belgium’s finest sure-footedly arrive at their sixth ‘In The Mix’. Coincidence or otherwise, that’s the same timeframe in which its helmsman Gai Barone has marched from respected dark sonic matter merchant to lightning rod for the next coming of Deep. 

Making professional strides (“few gained more career ground in 2017” considered DJ Mag last month) through tracks like ‘Shiny’ and ‘There’s A Lady’, his DJ performances have become evermore a clubbing-year essential.

23 January 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Russia based DJ and producer Anton Vishniakov aka Rise and Fall returns to BOnzai Progressive with the fantastic Wasted, backed up with the equally fantastic remix by Rick Pier O’Neil. Over the past several years we’ve seen a plethora of quality sounds coming out of Anton’s studio. His unique progressive sound gives DJ’s the tools to create fusion sets where genres meet resulting in sublime experiences. Never one to disappoint and always one to watch.

22 January 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb three track EP entitled Cagers. Thomas and Fausto have been prominent figures in the dance music scene for many years now. They doubled as part of the hugely successful Starchasers back at the turn of the millennium and since then they’ve racked up a very impressive catalogue under various guises. Both guys are prolific DJ’s and have graced the decks at top venues all over the world. Great to have them here at BP and we hope to hear more from them soon.

22 January 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Bonzai stalwart Nico Parisi returns with another superb cut entitled Silenzio which features a stellar remix from Stan Kolev. Nico is a veteran on the scene with over 20 years in the bag – starting out DJing in several Belgian clubs before releasing his first material on Atmoz. DJing is still a big part of his musical career and in recent years he’s been a regular fixture at our annual Bonzai Retro parties as well as various other huge events in Belgium. On the production front Nico always brings his A game, showcasing his creative prowess and crafting unique progressive soundscapes for our listening pleasure. His last outing here was a specially commissioned remix of Quadran’s Unlovable which went down a real treat among many fans. Prior to this he delivered a solid remix on Stan Kolev’s Circulation.

15 January 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


The ever impressive Eugene Becker aka Russian producer Eugeny Dolzhenko returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker entitled Moscow Vibes. Last time out he gave us the superb Veto which performed well gaining great support. Always a pleasure to have him here at BP.

8 January 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


One Man Groove aka Ezra De Reus returns to Green Martian with Parallel Love. Ezra began DJing around 1989-90 and was mainly playing Hardcore, this soon led to Techno and Trance and ultimately to Progressive vibes. In 2001 he temporarily stopped DJing and started producing with his first releases coming out on No Bounds Records. A great music lover, we are delighted to see him back for more.

8 January 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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