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One of our most prolific artists, Karim S, returns with another stomper for our listening pleasure in the form of his techno infused Back In Time which, comes packed with three stand out remixes. It’s been a while since his last effort here with Indian Summer alongside Lounasan, but he always delivers the goods when called upon. Having started his musical career in the 90’s, Karim is well placed to bring back some memories of the scene, going ‘back in time’ to get a flavour of the sound. This one is special, delivering a cool retro sound with a contemporary edge, not to be missed.

6 April 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Inessa debuts on Bonzai progressive with the fantastic Iguana Love, which features a solid remix from JoC H. We don’t know much about the person behind the project, but we do the sound is superb and will fit right into our catalogue. Great to have Inessa on board, no doubt we’ll find out more in the future.

6 April 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Tel Aviv based DJ, producer duo Choopie & Sharkieboy debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb three track EP titled Synthetic. Choopie aka Sharon Choopie Freundlich makes music which defies over-simplistic genre classification, drawing influences from several genres. He has created his own unique musical identity and grown his name as a top artist worldwide. His productions and DJ sets are instantly recognizable through their unique hypnotic melodies and seductive grooves. A self-confessed perfectionist, his work is his obsession. Each track is a testament to his fascination with the creative process. After studying music tech, music cognition and perception, Choopie became captivated by the concept of listener manipulation and has cultivated the ability to translate this into unnervingly addictive tracks. Shahar Ben Barak aka Sharkieboy was involved in famous rock bands in the 90’s called Poplex and Animal Garden, which both released albums under major labels in Israel. He met Choopie in the late 80’s in the club scene in Tel Aviv and they worked together at Metro nightclub. Shahar moved to the US in the mid 90’s and opened up a nightclub in Oregon called The Vinyl Club, which was the core of the underground dance scene in Southern Oregon hosting DJ’s from Portland, LA, Seattle and New York. In the last few years, he moved back to Israel and the two friends are teaming up on a new progressive house platform in their recording studio, creating a fusion of sound from melodic techno to trance lines. Great to have this experienced duo on board.

30 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Goa, India based DJ, producer Rohan Artani aka Rawnn, debuts with us at Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Blast Off which features two solid remixes from Crocy and Almi & Theus. Electronic music is not the only passion for Rawnn, he is also into movie scoring which is a whole other ball game. His sounds lean on the heavy, melodic side, giving that edgy cut, which falls beautifully into the way he constructs deep progressive and tech grooves. A relatively new face in progressive, he has already seen releases on Mystique Music and Deeper Love. Nice to have him at BP and we hope to hear more soon.

30 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Santini (B) & Quatretemps follow their stellar remix on Greg S’ Lost Feelings with the superb, Powder. With the original release making waves over on our Bonzai Classics imprint, we thought a couple of progressive remixes from three wonderfully talented artists would add an extra bit of spice to the track. These guys really need no introduction, they’ve been stalwarts on the scene for decades, providing magical moments for clubbers and ravers all over the world. They have been and will continue to perform live at many events, breaking from the traditional DJ routine to a more hands on, creative performance. A very much respected duo, not just with Bonzai, but within the international scene, there can be no doubt of the impact they’ve had in shaping the sound of a generation. You can catch the guys at Bonzai Originals 2020 and Legacy Festival 2020. They are also in the studio working on new Phrenetic System material as well as other exciting new projects. It’s well worth keeping an eye on these two, big things are gonna happen.

23 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Fresh off the back of his Bonzai Progressive debut, Boccaccio Life (Chapter 1) alongside Olivier Pieters, PCP aka Pieter Claeys returns in solo mode with the superb Reaching Out. An oldskool jock who is considered with legendary status, Pieter was busy in the 90’s destroying the roof of the famous Belgian dance music utopia, Balmoral (and still is). He also held a long-term residency at The Temple (formerly Boccaccio). Over the last several years, he’s released a raft of tracks on various labels, including his own, Rewritable Records and sub-label Vintage Deep. Great to see him back and we hope to see more in the future.

16 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Doriaan aka Mexican DJ, producer Dorian Padilla is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb U-Boot. This one follows hot on the heels of his last effort for us, a sublime remix on Undertale’s Alive But Dead. In 2015, he had his first official release under Mexican label Sky Records. After some other solid releases with Sky Records, he debuted on one of the biggest labels in Mexico, Jumpers Recordings. Doriaan is building up a discography that has one objective, make people dance and feel a wide range of emotions. He has been focused on producing quality music with influences ranging from techno, to deep house, psy trance or even classical, his very diverse musical taste inspires him to create music that has groove, melody and emotion. 2020 promises to be another good year for him, delivering more music than ever in his short career and pushing the boundaries to make his sound better and better every day. Always worth keeping an eye on this talented artist.

9 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Israeli DJ, producer Evi Orgatz marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the fantastic Shamanica EP. Based on the South Side of Bee-Sheva City, Evi’s studio blasts out all kinds of good music covering several genres. After 6 years producing Psy Trance as Dottexm he decided to mellow his sound to a more techno sounding flow. Of course, we also get spoiled with his diversion into progressive house which, comes with the same quality he has always delivered in previous productions. Great to have him on board and we hope to see more from this guy in the future.

9 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Spanish artist John May debuts with us at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Electromagnetik which features a top-notch remix from two of our very own heavy-hitters, Manu Riga and Phi Phi. Highly influenced by the Synth-pop of the 80s and the melodic electronics of the 90s, he has spent over 18 years composing for himself and for others, producing remixes, creating projects within the different genres of electronic commercial as well as underground and club sound. By the year 2002 he had a number one on the dance floors of Spain alongside J. Puentes and their duo Pro-Active. He then got more into house music, producing for Vince Magnata and remixing various artists from the USA. More recently he found himself getting into the Progressive and Techno scene, with deeper melodies and more underground groove. We’re delighted to have him on board.

2 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


JoC H aka Bolivian DJ, producer Jose Henry returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Momentum EP. This one comes after a bit of a hiatus and marks his fourth release with us since 2016. His last outing came back in 2017 alongside fellow countryman Paul Jove and the very well received, Farewell Inti EP. With a hugely impressive back catalogue on top labels this guy has one thing on his mind, to transmit his energy into everything he does creating an exciting and amazing experience to his listeners. Great to see him back for more at BP.

24 February 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Russian electronic music artist Undertale, debuts on Bonzai Progressive with Alive But Dead, which features a solid remix from Doriaan. Undertale is a new project who used to go by Santiago Frenz, where he produced a range of mid-tempo, deeper sounds for many years. He is a very much in demand DJ on the underground scene in his hometown of Ufa, and we are delighted to have him on board at BP.

24 February 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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