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Scottish DJ and producer Andrew Lewis debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic three track slice entitled Reality Parts. Andrew is an electronic music producer with almost two decades of experience. He started out in progressive music and quickly found a niche with his sublime sound. With releases under Se7enth Fury, Grammaton Records and Sold Soul Records he continues to make a big splash in the industry. He combines a deep knowledge of various genres along with solid DJ skills, definitely one to keep an eye and an ear on and we’re delighted to have him on board.

11 December 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


We continue our remixed classics series with another trawl through the vaults to bring you contemporary takes of our much loved tracks. This time we are proud to present Quadran – Unlovable with a fantastic remix from Nico Parisi featuring Loredana. The original 1998 version featured the stunning vocalist Tasha Joan Paul who also wrote the lyrics alongside Philippe Van Mullem for this vocal trance smasher. Tasha also provided her talents on Quadran’s follow up to this with the equally impressive The Love I Lost as well as writing and vocalising Planisphere’s Memories Of The Light and Indoctrinate’s Waiting For You. Quadran were and always will be synonymous with pioneering the vocal trance sound. Since the beginning Philippe Van Mullem and Philippe Toutlemonde set out on a quest to deliver a unique sound which was nurtured by the infamous Bonzai Trance Progressive label – which was created for the very purpose of pursuing this groundbreaking sound the guy’s created. Philippe Van Mullem carried on Quadran’s mission well into the 21st Century before he sadly passed away, leaving behind a legacy that still inspires to this day. Nico Parisi is a longstanding Bonzai stalwart with a series of quality cuts under his belt. He is also a veteran on the scene with over 20 years in the bag – starting out DJing in several Belgian clubs before releasing his first material on Atmoz. In recent years he’s also been a regular fixture at our annual Bonzai Retro parties as well as various other huge events in Belgium. Nico brings Loredana aka Loredana de Amicis in on vocal duties and what an impact she has on the sound. She joined 2 Fabiola in 2008 belting out the classics as well as new music to the masses with special appearances at top festivals and parties.

4 December 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Randy Seidman & Ido return to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Dreamwalker which features two solid remixes from Rishi K. and Seth Vogt. Randy is one of the hardest working electronic music artists in Los Angeles. Since 2007, he has been the top support choice of Infected Mushroom, playing over 450 shows with them around the world (from Ecuador to India, Mexico to Russia, Canada to Ibiza, New York to Madrid, and countless places in between). He has had a stream of releases supported by the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Sander Kleinenberg, Ad Brown, Omid 16b, and Matan Caspi to name just a few. Ido marks his return to BP after his quality remix on Randy’s (along with Steve Porter) Safe Passage track just a few months ago. This guy has a seriously impressive release count on several labels and he has enjoyed great support from many quarters over the years. He has also worked alongside Randy in the past as well as other top artists in their field. Great to see both guys back for more.

4 December 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


The ever popular Matan Caspi returns with another sublime progressive slice in the form of Liquid Blue. His last effort – Shiny Coral Reefs – performed very well indeed with high chart positions and great support from many jocks. His remix of Tiesto – The Tube, as part of our special remix series celebrating 25 years, also gained great support and features on our 25 Years Bonzai 4CD release. Always an exciting time when Matan’s newest cut drops into the mailbox, he never disappoints.

27 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Cherry aka Ukraine based DJ and producer Oleh Cherkes debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Mnong. Filled with lush progressive grooves and tight drum arrangement, this is truly a very impressive debut. No stranger to the scene, Oleh has several releases on various labels and his music enjoys a lot of support from across the board. He is also known for his dynamic, building sets that always pleases the crowd. Great to have him on board here at BP and we hope to see much more soon.

27 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Molka debuts on Green Martian with the impressive two tracker entitled 2 Suns. Somewhat a mysterious character the sound portrayed here is one of deep progressive bliss mixed with surreal melodic sequences. One thing is for sure though, these two tracks will be welcomed in many sets.

27 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


L.S.G. returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Supercycle which comes with a fantastic remix from Lily Pita. Supercycle first appeared on Oliver’s 2017 album Double Vision – which has received rave reviews from across the board thanks to the album’s complimentary two part structure. Oliver Lieb aka L.S.G. continues to be a hugely important figure to artists and music lovers, his career spans almost 3 decades and in that time he’s delivered hundreds of tracks under various guises. He is most known for his cutting edge techno and trance, but he also produces memorable downtempo, ambient and tech house. His works have featured on the legendary Superstition Records as well as other labels including Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, Platipus and Sven Vath’s Harthouse where his Spicelab moniker dominated. In 1996 his tracks were picked up for some of our own labels starting with an appearance on XTC Trax 3 with Fontana which led to other inclusions on compilations for Bonzai Trance Progressive, Tripomatic and Tranceportation. Over the last number of years he has moved into a much more audio engineering role with mastering being something he spends a lot of time doing among other things. A true legend in his field with lots more still to come no doubt.

20 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


The legend that is Airwave is up next in our year long remix series celebrating our quarter of a century at the forefront of electronic music. There can be no doubt that much of our collective success is down to this guy. Since his humble beginnings in the early-mid nineties to an internationally acclaimed artist, DJ and producer, he has never lost his vision and has stayed true to his fans and his Bonzai family. Of course there have been ups and downs, but Laurent powered through, releasing quality sounds at every turn. His very much revered, turn of the millennium track – Lightspeed – propelled his status to even greater heights while delighting his army of dedicated fans and attracting new attention from a younger generation. For this special remix Laurent teamed up with long term studio partner Marnik Braeckevelt under their progressive tech guise – Antidote, to deliver a wonderfully crafted slice of pure mesmeric sounds. Marnik has carved out his place in electronic music history thanks to his hugely impressive CV which saw him working for N.E.W.S. and Antler Subway. He soon found himself working with Bonzai where he helped shape the label and the sound as we know it today. With a ton of remix, writing, compiling and arrangement credits under his belt, he certainly knows how to work a track. Together as Antidote the guys have been churning out some seriously impressive cuts since 2002. They hit the ground running with the solid progressive trancer Paragliders, that always got the floors moving and the duo quickly gained a solid rep within the scene, and it’s no wonder given the level of experience and expertise on the table.

13 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Podgorica based DJ and producer Ognjen Vukovic aka AudioStorm returns to Bonzai Progressive with another sublime progressive outing that will take you higher and higher with two solid cuts on The Passenger EP. Ognjen is one of the first Montenegro ambassadors in quality production covering all styles without limits with an expertise in deep, progressive house grooves. From his early childhood he was fascinated by music. He enjoyed its energy and beauty and it was that which made him decide to follow a career in electronic music. He quickly realised that he had to absorb as many different genres of music as possible and became obsessed with bands like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Joy Division, Sting, Simply Red, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield to name but a few. By the beginning of the 90s, he turned his attention towards the pioneering electronic bands of the burgeoning underground dance scene and in particular the music that was coming from Goa, India. As his interest in electronic music grew, he began to write his own tracks which are now supported by many of his childhood heroes. He now has releases on multiple labels including the legendary Bonzai Progressive, System and Baroque through to Balkan Connection, Mystique Music and Polytechnic among many others. A multi-talented producer who does not let genre boundaries cloud his musical vision.

13 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Matt Black returns to Bonzai Progressive for his full debut with the impeccable Mindscape. We first saw Matt here on remix duties for Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth as part of our 25 year special remix series. The remix went down a treat with many DJ’s placing it high in their charts as well as top recognition on download portals. Matt has been making music since the mid 90’s but it was when he started Segment records in 2003 that his work really began to get noticed. Since quitting the label in 2014 Matt has gone on to have tracks signed to labels such as Stripped digital, Mirabilis and Pro-B-Tech and has had remixes on labels such as Crop Circle, Emotional Content and 3rd Avenue. In the past Matt’s music has been supported by DJ’s such as Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo and has been played on both major radio stations and internet stations such as Proton radio and Frisky. With more projects and releases to come in 2017 Matt continues to develop as an artist as his star continues to rise

13 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Ukranian DJ and producer Ruslan Haievyk aka MacroVision debuts on Green Martian with the beautiful deep progressive grooves on the three tracker Aurora EP. His love for electronic music started with The Prodigy which got him hooked. He also likes soft and powerful sounds with melodic parts. He has seen releases on several labels from across the northern hemisphere and he has won a number of music based competitions in the last few years. His music has seen airplay on many radio stations including Kiss FM, DJFM, DFM and BBC Radio. His DJ sets are known to bring an energy to the floor and for being immersive and dynamic. A top talent in his field and we are delighted to have him on board.

13 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Russian music artist Montw aka Stanislav Prokofiev debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the outstanding Nocturnal. He was born and still lives in Moscow and became interested in electronic music in 2005. He likes to try different styles but over time he has settled on a more dark progressive sound. He boasts an impressive discography on several labels including Mistique Music, 3xA Music, Clinique Recordings, Electronic Tree and Addictive Sounds. A wonderfully talented artist with lots more to offer, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

6 November 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Stan Kolev is back with more lush progressive vibes in the form of his Circulation EP which features a solid remix from Nico Parisi. Stan’s last outing here was on our special 25 years classics remixed series. He got to grips with Antidote’s What Time Is Love to deliver an absolute stomper of a remix. Prior to that he gave us his own slice Unravel Me back in May 2017 with a great response on many charts and playlists. This guys sound never disappoints and we’re always excited to hear his latest works.

30 October 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


S12 & G.I.O.R.D.Y. return to Bonzai Progressive with their full debut slice in the form of the fantastic Dance With Me. We got a taste of what this duo has to offer when they provided the remix on Adriano Dodici & Checco Esse – Naked back in August 2017 and the support for that came flooding in. It’s great to see them back for more and for now at least they remain mysterious.

30 October 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


St. Petersburg based producer debuts on Green Martian with the fantastic Earth Resonance. Since graduating from music school Fashion Police became interested in electronic music. He has a unique approach to writing his own music and he uses his 10 years of music school experience as his basis. In 2008 he got his first release with Inside Me on 4 Seasons and since then there is no stopping this seriously talented artist. With affections for multiple genres, his work has been supported by a broad spectrum of DJ’s around the world. Delighted to have him on board and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in the future.

30 October 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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