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Stan Kolev joins the 25 year celebrations roster with a superb rendition of Antidote’s 2006 slice What Time Is Love. Antidote aka Laurent Veronnez and Marnik Braeckevelt started Antidote back in 2003 as a vehicle to churn out quality progressive trance with a techy edge. They found their home on our Progrez imprint which was responsible for a raft of top notch cuts from the turn of the millennium. Tracks like Paraglider, Velocity and Sciabada were go to tracks for many jocks building a set into a deep progressive journey.

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Crocy gets back into the studio with vocalist Ashley Berndt for their most recent collaboration entitled Passion which is backed up with a solo effort from Crocy called Land. These two really shine when they get together, something just seems to click and the sound becomes magical. Great to see them back again and no doubt we’ll see more in the future.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, DJ and producer Luciano Delgado returns to Bonzai Progressive with another round of deep progressive vibes for our listening pleasure. Luciano debuted here back at the end of 2015 with the stunning Virtuoso EP which was very well received indeed. No doubt this latest effort will follow suit, delighted to see him back for more.

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Cryss shows up on our Green Martian imprint with the superb My Scary Dream which follows his debut slice Simple Pleasure on Bonzai Progressive at the start of 2017. Cryss comes from a musical family and this exposure has nourished his passion for music. He learned guitar and keyboards before finding his way into DJing and then producing. Nice to see him back and hopefully we’ll hear more from him soon.

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It’s that time of year again when we head off to ADE and join in the maelstrom of meetings and networking interspersed with bouts of alcoholic beverages. It’s always an exciting time for us to meet old friends, make new ones and hear some excellent music in the process. That is why we like to accompany our treks to Amsterdam with an epic soundtrack compiled with avid collectors and discerning clubbers in mind. Our ADE 2017 compilations features a host of top artists with tracks and remixes from the likes of L.S.G., Rise And Fall, Phi Phi, Stan Kolev, Airwave, Basil O’Glue, Roddy Reynaert, Matin Caspi, Gai Barone, Iga Dep, Rick Pier O’Neil, Manu Riga, Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra, Cortex Thrill, Alex Vidal, Greg S, Crocy, Bob The Groove, AudioStorm and Nico Parisi to name just a few. The perfect collection, jam packed with everything from smooth progressive vibes to the more deeper sublime progressive grooves, which are the perfect tools to ensure a fluid, dynamic set.

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Cyprus based music duo Paul Angelo & Don Argento return to BP with the superb Truth. Last time out here they gave us their Voyager EP which gained great support among many. The guys started writing and playing electronic music as a duo back in 201 and since then they performed at top electronic music venues in Cyprus and managed to reach the Beatport top 100 with their debut EP, Bromelain. Their music blends elements of Progressive House, Trance and Techno and they have seen support from big electronic artists such as Tim Penner, Capa, Robert R. Hardy, Pete K, Dmitry Molosh, Simos Tagias, Chris Zag, Haris C, Paul Anthonee and many more.

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Cherry Pheromone debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the tantalising progressive grooves of Tibetan Nights which also comes with a sublime remix from Yuriy From Russia. What a debut this one is, Cherry Pheromone digs deep into the progressive abyss on the Original Mix. The intro draws us in with deep lush basses and a tight drum arrangement followed by mesmeric pipes that give the track lots of texture and depth. On the break the we’re treated to a most captivating sequence thanks to a hair raising vocal and Ethnic flutes. A deep bass pulses before we’re launched back into full on mode for the duration. Such a special sound that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

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German artist Relaunch unleashes his fourth studio album, this time our flagship label Bonzai Progressive has the delight in releasing the superb 11 track slice entitled Maybe. Inspired by the legendary Dorian-Gray parties at the Frankfurt Airport Relaunch became interested in all kinds of electronic music in the early 90’s. While going to many different clubs and events he began to find his way, created his own style and his excellent touch for tunes. He brings together a brought spectrum of electronic music and fingerprints his tracks that way. Starting as a passionate club goer, he moved to DJing and ultimately to producing and remixing with a high creative output. His sets are a mixture of atmospheric and impulsive sounds in which he knows how to rock and lead the crowd and to give them their kick. By using classics and tracks that might be one someday his sets are a must hear must enjoy experience. His first producing steps began in the late 90’s. Over the course of some years his brand of big, energetic, electric and atmospheric sounding progressive house won over legions of fans and brought the German producer to even greater heights. Meanwhile he has become one of the most sought after producer’s and remixer’s in the progressive house scene, working with international known artists and labels. His works have been released on JOOF Recordings, Mystique Music, Jetlag Digital, Lost Language, Green Martian, Overdrive, Bonzai Progressive and LCD Recordings to name just a few. His tracks are supported by the likes of John`00`Fleming, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Indecent Noise, James Zabiela, Pascal Feos, Richie Hawtin, Scott Bond, Nick Warren, John Digweed, Sander Kleinenberg, Manuel Sofia, Sandra Collins, Taucher, Gareth Emery, Guiseppe Ottaviani, Andy Moor, and many more. We’re delighted to be hosting the work of art and we’ve no doubt that this one will go down a treat among many.

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Fresh off the back of his superb remix of Airwave’s When Things Go Wrong on our new Bonzai Classics series, we welcome Blufeld back to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Tristful Sleeper which features two solid remixes from Eugene Becker and Narel. Never one to disappoint, Blufeld relishes in delivering sublime progressive grooves filled with raw emotion and wonderful intricate patterns.

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Randy Seidman & Steve Porter join forces in the studio to deliver the superb debut slice Safe Passage on our main imprint Bonzai Progressive. This one is backed up by three quality remixes from Matan Caspi, Chris Micali and Ido. Randy Seidman is one of the hardest working electronic music artists in Los Angeles. His DJ sets are woven together with original edits, creating a unique atmosphere that has caught the ears of many. Since 2007, Randy has been the top support choice of Infected Mushroom, playing over 450 shows with them around the world (from Ecuador to India, Mexico to Russia, Canada to Ibiza, New York to Madrid, and countless places in between). They named Randy Breakthrough DJ-Producer of the Year in the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 poll which has catapulted his career with gigs around the world. Since 2008, Randy has had a stream of releases supported by the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Sander Kleinenberg, Ad Brown, Omid 16b, and Matan Caspi to name just a few. Randy pursues his craft with exuberant devotion: a desire for the party, for the sound, and for the beauty of dance music. In the next few years, you will see his ambition take him to new heights – in music and in life. Once in a blue moon there comes along a prodigy that is noticed by the big guns and whose talent catapults them onto the world stage. Something of a child prodigy from a famous scientist father, Steve Porter’s first love was discovering electronic sounds at 16 years old. From Boston to New York, he has evolved from record store clerk, mobile DJ to New England rave DJ to landing on the roster at one of the most prestigious booking agencies in the world. He was discovered by Chris Fortier when Chris heard a CDR of his productions in 1999. Chris quickly brought him into the FADE Records fold. Soon thereafter, Steve was signed as the youngest member to join The Collective Agency; home to Sasha, U.N.K.L.E., and Lee Burridge. He began touring across the U.S., Canada, South America, Australia, Asia and Europe and has played alongside Sasha on the Airdrawndagger & Involver North American tours, Sander Kleinenberg on the Essential Mix Tour and also headlining a hectic schedule of national and international DJ dates. Over the last six years, Steve has amassed a wide portfolio of over 70 singles and 28 remixes under his name and the many aliases (Agent 001, HDF & Bons) used to suit the mood of the song. His myriad of tracks have been dominating dancefloors globally with the versatility of Porterhouse finding its way into the record boxes of everyone from Sasha, Lee Burridge, Derrick Carter, Carl Cox, Sander Kleinenberg, Mark Farina and Paul van Dyk.

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Cologne based DJ and producer Nepou debuts on Green Martian with the fantastic Regentanz EP. His music is characterized by many stylistic features of diverse genres including progressive house among others. The musical sphere ranges from dreamy, uplifting and playful melodies to mystic, melancholic and trippy sounds. The common components of all his tracks are his stylistic synth sounds, a deep atmosphere with the intention to send his listeners on a journey. Nepou started playing piano at age 8 and had lessons for 9 years. Since then, music has always played a very important role in his life. Finally, he got in contact with the production of electronic music for the first time in 2009. Shortly afterwards, he began to produce music himself with an Akai MPK 49 and Ableton Live. From this point on, Nepou’s style was subject to a constant change until it became what it is today. Since the beginning of 2017 he has seen several releases on various labels, this guy is only getting started, much more to come in the future for sure.

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DJ Ghost heads up our next special celebratory 25 years remix, and he gets the job done with a stomping re-imagining of DJ Looney Tunes’ Workstation. DJ Looney Tune is the brainchild of top Belgian artist Ramses De Craene, who is also know for several other projects that fell under the Bonzai/Lightning umbrella such as Da Tune, Freeze, Hard Beatz, M.W.F., R.A.M.S.E.S. and Tazmanian. He has also worked in several groups, notably Black Widow, Bomb Trexx, Hard Beatz, Mental Refreshment, Oddworld (with Laurent Veronnez), Phrenetic System, Repulsive 2 (with Stefan Melis), The Bomb Squad , The Sync (with Mike Dierickx) and Zenith where he contributed heavily to the early Bonzai sound. Under his DJ Looney Tune guise he was responsible for many top hits in Europe and across the World, Beatbox on Bonzai Records, Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ on Bonzai Jumps and Boom On The Moon on Axma among others. It was these tracks that catapulted his presence on the scene and when Workstation (which was originally a B-Side on Jumpin’ & Pumpin’) hit the sound systems things took off even bigger. The tracks was synonymous with peak time moments in clubs where it brought the crowd higher and higher with its trancey techno style. Several remixes where commissioned soon after with the likes of M.I.K.E. doing the business with his magic touch. As it’s our 25th year we thought a contemporary take on this classic was prudent and, thanks to the mighty DJ Ghost, the results are superb.

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Multi talented Belgian artist Manu Riga is back with more of his beautifully crafted offerings in the form of Trying Harder EP. He enlists the superb vocal talents of John M for this one and once again the results are outstanding. Manu Riga is fast becoming a leader in utilising strong vocalists in the progressive arena. His past endeavours have been greatly recognised, adding an extra spice to progressive house music with his army of fans dubbing him The Master Of Voices. His dynamic sound is ever changing and he adapts beautifully to each vocal artist he works with. He never fails to impress and we’ve no doubt there will be much more coming out of Manu Riga studios in the future. French singer John M aka John Morillion dishes out a sublime vocal on this one. He spent his childhood years living between France, UK and USA where he took in the different cultures which have influenced his style. His travel experiences culminated with the 2012 album Love It All which was followed in 2014 with his fan backed Born To Meet You.

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Ricardo Piedra enters the solo arena once again on our next Bonzai Progressive slice with the superb two tracker entitled Zyrvinth. Usually we see him team up with Gabriel West and their last outing Miocen was exceptional as always. Ricardo has also enjoyed several releases on various other labels (usually with Gabriel) including Nervous Records, Stellar Fountain and Baroque to name just a few. He utilises his production skills with DJing to bring a unique live set that delivers deep and energetic sessions that always delight. No doubt we’ll be seeing more from this guy and his studio partner in the future.

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Bulgarian born and now residing in Turkey, DJ and producer Askin Dedeoglu shows up on our Progrez imprint with the excellent four tracker entitled Dark Traces EP which is the follow up to his debut – White – over on Green Martian back in 2016. Askin became interested in electronic music around 1990 and in 1994 he started to DJ securing gigs at various night clubs. In 2005 he started to look into producing while working in the IT industry. His first release came in 2014 and was representative of the sounds he was creating between 2005 and 2008. Tracks he made between 2008 and 2012 were part of his second album Route 34 and all tracks after that make up his hugely impressive back catalogue. A super talented artist with a diverse sound, always exciting to get his new material in the mailbox.

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