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Wild Guess

Wild Guess


Wild Guess is the producer alias of Belgium based DJ’s J.E.O.F., Config and P.O.W..

DJ J.E.O.F aka Jeoffrey Devriendt likes to play many genres of music but is most noted for his love of House. Since 2012 he has hosted his own show, ‘Houseworx’ on Topradio Aalter. He began to DJ in 2001 under the name DJ Excess and from there he played at all the top spots around Belgium playing mainly Techno before he got more into House Music.

DJ and producer Config aka Wouter Vermeire grew up listening to the 90’s melodic trance sound. He had started to get into Progressive Trance and House before he found the energetic nature of Trance. His sets consisted of transitions between progressive and trance but he tended to lean towards the progressive. In 2012 he started to find his way around producing which has resulted in this new partnership.

P.O.W. aka Thomas de Pauw is a Belgian DJ and producer who will no doubt bring a raft of production experience to the table.

So how did these guys get together? In the summer months of 2012 J.E.O.F. and Config decided to team together as the DJ duo Wild Guess. A guest appearance in Culture Club and playing out at Houseworx parties in Ghent and Bruges rapidly got them noticed and became more popular in the region.

As time passed by, they were looking forward to start producing their own tracks as well.
Near the end of 2012, their producing carreer took a critical step forward when P.O.W, who had previous experience in producing, was eager to join the team. From that moment on the pace of producing drastically increased and big progress was made. As a result of their different favourite styles in music, a lot of influences from genres like Trance, Progressive House and even some Commercial House can be found in their productions.

Wild Guess will have their first release in early 2014, so watch this space!